ENGLISH 101: Severally or Several times?

Most people believe that ‘severally’ means ‘several times’ and that makes it a commonly misused word.

Social Media Etiquette (4)

THOU SHALL INTERACT WITH OTHERS COURTEOUSLY Recently, while roaming cyberspace, I came across two different posts where these entrepreneurs practically went gaga on their customers on social media

Back Off! (3)

So, two nights ago, this person called me. I don’t like picking calls from unknown numbers but sometimes, one can’t really tell who is who, so I try to do the best I can (imma gon’ install Truecaller now).

For the Love of IYÁN

Èkìtì kete, èyin dà??? Wey all my Èkìtì folks (and/or pounded yam lovers)? Come o, make I show you sontin!