‘CSP’ (Cold-Shower-Phobia) THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTION If you have phobia for cold shower, you can administer any of the following psychological interventions:

Naija Food Myths

Few days ago, I stumbled on ‘Lost in Lagos Magazine’ (Vol 1.7, August 2017). The central theme of this particular Issue is food and the way I turned page after page, you’d think I’m one foodie like that. I wish!

No Means NO!!!

So, last week, there were some trending posts about attempted rape/sexual molestation (and the unfortunate ‘rape-to-death-of-14-year-old-girl’ saga) on Facebook Nigeria

God Offended Me; I Want My Revenge! 

Just before you start questioning my sanity, let me say upfront that I am sane and very conscious of what I am saying