Social Media Etiquette (5)

THOU SHALL POLITELY INTRODUCE YOURSELF WHEN SLIDING INTO SOMEONE’S DM/PC FOR THE FIRST TIME Virtual communication shouldn’t be so different from face-to-face communication. That you’re behind some gadget and can’t see the person you’re communicating with (vice versa) is not reason for you to lose courtesy or throw politeness outta the window.

Social Media Etiquette (4)

THOU SHALL INTERACT WITH OTHERS COURTEOUSLY Recently, while roaming cyberspace, I came across two different posts where these entrepreneurs practically went gaga on their customers on social media

Back Off! (3)

So, two nights ago, this person called me. I don’t like picking calls from unknown numbers but sometimes, one can’t really tell who is who, so I try to do the best I can (imma gon’ install Truecaller now).