Who Do You Look Like?

At work, more times than I care to count, security personnel who don’t know me have mistaken me for a student, sometimes, even with my ID Card on; and the simple reason is because I look like a student!

God’s Love at Christmas

The heart of Christmas is LOVE♥️ The message of Christmas is LOVE♥️ The song of Christmas is LOVE♥️ The theme of Christmas is LOVE♥️


I once had a song stored on my phone. I got it (with other songs) from a friend. Every time I tried to listen to it, I never got past the ‘intro’

Older, Richer, Better

The bride and groom stepped regally into the reception hall, glowing and beaming with radiant smiles. They were welcomed with a standing ovation. The hall was packed with several important dignitaries. The hall was exquisitely decorated, with every important feature in the right proportion and place. The newlywed couple had chosen a particular music as […]

You’ve GOT the POWER!

I love punctuation marks. They have great significance, because a simple punctuation can give varied meanings to a sentence. Here, let’s have a little illustration: “He is not my brother…” “He is, not my brother…” “He is not! My brother…”   The first sentence is very clear. I would assume it’s an answer to a […]