Social Media Etiquette (5)

THOU SHALL POLITELY INTRODUCE YOURSELF WHEN SLIDING INTO SOMEONE’S DM/PC FOR THE FIRST TIME Virtual communication shouldn’t be so different from face-to-face communication. That you’re behind some gadget and can’t see the person you’re communicating with (vice versa) is not reason for you to lose courtesy or throw politeness outta the window.

No Blood (10)

Her mother was full of mischief, no doubt. How could she think of bringing her ex-lover into this? How could she even think of such ludicrous idea of getting pregnant by another man in the first place?

No Blood (9)

Alaran was not home, he went on a journey, so she had no way of demanding an explanation from him. She needed to talk to someone about what she had just uncovered but it was too late to go back to see her mother. Shock and rage coursed through her. Several questions begged for answers. […]

No Blood (8)

The senior wives were having a conversation and it seemed like one of them just mentioned her name. Was she the subject of their conversation or her name just happened to drop into their gist? Perhaps it was not her, probably a name sake. She tiptoed to the window so she could see them and […]

No Blood (7)

She promised herself that her mother would be kept out of her matrimonial matters as much as possible but she was almost at her wits end and she needed her mother’s counsel.

No Blood (6)

Alaran seemed indifferent about her infertility. He went about life as usual, caring for her and giving her everything he could.