Do To Others What You Want Done To You

Hehehehe, laff wan throway my wig. You see this video ehn, e sweet my belle weh weh🤣.

Noble Igwe, the Table Shaker

So, Noble Igwe shook a table that has many players on it. Here’s the gist in a nutshell:

For the Love of IYÁN

Èkìtì kete, èyin dà??? Wey all my Èkìtì folks (and/or pounded yam lovers)? Come o, make I show you sontin!

God’s Love at Christmas

The heart of Christmas is LOVE♥️ The message of Christmas is LOVE♥️ The song of Christmas is LOVE♥️ The theme of Christmas is LOVE♥️

Eez eet your story?

The one where Emmanuella refused to die??? She’s right though, it’s her story (according to one of the panelists) and she calls the shot! You too should follow your script and not what others script for you? @heywhylauff

Be bold for CHANGE

It’s international women’s day and wow, such a lovely theme for this year’s celebration. “BE BOLD FOR CHANGE.”