Hello. Health is wealth, so let’s talk about your health.

Good health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. To be fully functional, effective and productive, you cannot afford to be ‘sick’. Several factors precipitate illness. Medical practitioners lay emphasis on germs, bacteria, parasites, and the likes. Environmentalists talk about different environmental hazards that FOSTER poor/ill-health. But do you know that such a thing as your PERSONALITY could be an important factor in your state of health?

In a nutshell, your personality is the sum-total of your attitudes, interests, behavioural patterns, emotional responses and other traits that endure over a long period. One aspect of your personality that is of great effect to your state of health is your attitude. Your attitude is your established ways of responding to people and situations that you have learnt based on the beliefs, values and assumptions you hold – and your prospects for good health and long life are remarkably dependent upon your mental attitudes. Your attitudes cause emotional reactions, which strongly affect your immune system, circulatory system, and even your risk of accidents.

Question: Does a positive, happy attitude keep you healthier? Does a negative, unhappy, even angry attitude hurt you?
Answer: YES!

The mind and body are snugly interwoven and this connection affects you in more ways than you are aware of. Research has shown that the mind and body are not independent of each other. For example, if you feel stressed, you become susceptible to whatever virus is going around. On the other hand, when you feel joyous and light-hearted, your immune system has a better chance of protecting you from such virus.

Studies also show that your mental health can influence your physical health. Certain personality traits – such as optimism or pessimism – can influence how well you live and even how long you live. Scientists have claimed that having negative thoughts could make you more illness-prone and being an optimist may help reduce your risk of dying from heart disease and other causes of death.
A dutch study found that people who described themselves as being highly optimistic had lower rates of cardiovascular death and less risk of any cause of death than people who said they were highly pessimistic.

We also know that stress is a major factor influencing the degeneration of physical and mental health but a positive attitude can help you cope with stress. It is very clear from emerging research that in general, a positive mental attitude is huge protector against unhappy feelings emanating from stress, as well as physical damages that occur in the body as a result of stress. This is probably because a positive attitude makes you perceive stressful situations in ways that seem less threatening/dangerous. When this happens, your brain doesn’t instruct your body to activate all the stress pathways that damage health.

There’s a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that a positive outlook is in fact good for health. If you want to enjoy good health, there is every need for you to keep a positive mental attitude/outlook in every respect because this makes for a great chance of living a strong healthy life!

Before I go, let me leave you with this wisdom quote: “Being in a good frame of mind helps keep one in the picture of health.” – Author Unknown

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