Think ‘n’ Thank

This morning it was very windy
As if there was going to be a storm
And it reminded me of the tumult within
As the raging in my heart went on

I tried to listen to what the trees were saying
As their leafy branches bended to and fro
All I could hear was a soft whispering
“Let Hallelujah roll and roll”

What! these trees can still dare to praise
When everything around is in disarray
Their branches about to break apart
And everything will soon be scattered afar

Then I thought in my heart that if trees
Can give praises always to Him
Not minding the present circumstances
Or whatever befalls at all instances

I, who am of more value than these
Ought to thank Him for everything
Because when I praise Him more
I begin to thrive more

A saying in my native language goes thus: “If you can think deep, you can thank better.” Thankful people are wise people. Think of your present situation and thank Him for a better solution!

© 2013 AyotundeElegbeleye
Jesus is LORD!

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