Dynamics of Discipline 2

Hello. Previously on this subject, I gave some tips about discipline. Now, let us continue…

There are two types of discipline –  EXTERNAL discipline and INTERNAL discipline. External discipline is mainly imposed by forces that are superior to you, while internal discipline, also known as SELF-DISCIPLINE, is the discipline you impose on yourself. Of the two types, internal discipline is much more beneficial, because the only discipline that lasts is self-discipline

There was this story of Michael Jordan, the great basketball player, how his high school coach told him that he couldn’t be a successful basketball player because he wasn’t capable of doing so. He got kicked out of his high school basketball team but he did not give up. He disciplined himself enough to be able to shoot 500 basketballs every day until he got perfect to the point that he does not miss more than 5 out of 500 shots. Today, though people hardly know the name of his high school coach, Michael Jordan’s name is basically a household name. What made the difference for him? DISCIPLINE……self-discipline, actually!

There are several aspects/areas of an individual’s life that need discipline. They include:

a. Time. Your life is a function of what you do with your time. That is why it is called ‘LIFETIME’. What you do with your time determines what happens to your life, therefore discipline your time.

b. Money: If you don’t know how to discipline your money, if you are a spendthrift, you may never achieve greatness.

c. Tongue: Be careful what you say. The tongue is powerful enough to make or mar your destiny. Tame (discipline) your tongue.

d. Emotion: Don’t allow your emotions to run riot. Don’t allow unbridled emotions to rule your actions. You may end up doing stuff that will eventually land you in trouble.

e. Eyes: You don’t have to look at everything. Train your eyes to focus only on what’s important and edifying. If you’re not careful, your eyes may lead you astray.

f. Thoughts: Your constant thoughts show what you have on your inside, and what you have inside of you is clearly expressed in your behaviour. Discipline your thoughts because they become who you are.

g. Appetite: Not appetite for food alone, but appetite for other varieties. An adage in my native language says, “What you have a huge appetite for can (and will, if care is not taken) kill you.”images

Discipline, especially self-discipline,  has all the advantages and none of the disadvantages.

*(Original message preached by Pastor Ubong Intia)

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