Let me tell you a bit about myself. Long before now, I was what could be described as a ‘loafer’. My life had no meaning or sense of direction. I constantly felt like an alien that had accidentally dropped on the surface of the earth with no purpose or intent. I felt void inside, while gross darkness surrounded me. My faithful companions were fear, pain, insecurity, lack, rejection, failure, disappointment, timidity, and others like them.

You see, I attended church regularly but with no impact. It was just a mere religious rite, which I observed with other worshipers only because I felt it would fill the void within. Guess what? It didn’t! All the same, I was faithful in attendance because of the familiarity among folks – calling each other ‘brother and sister’, which gives me the feeling of belonging. Despite the familiarity, it seemed as if folks still kept their distance until one bright Sunday!

That Sunday morning, I was all too glad to have a break from my usual companions because church seemed to be the only place where I could divorce myself from them for a little while. I got into the auditorium and took my favourite pew, at the back, where I could not-so-interestingly observe the happenings around me. I was startled when a rich deep voice asked if the seat beside me was taken. I shook my head in reply as I looked into the softest and most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen. A warm sensation ran through me as the gentleman offered the most dashing smile I’d ever received.

“Can I sit beside you?” He asked.

“Ye-e-ss.” I stammered.

“Thank you.” He took his seat still looking intently at me with a relentless smile. He sat so close to me, our bodies were practically touching and his presence was so welcoming, so comforting, so reassuring and for the first time in many years, I felt SAFE and……..I think, ACCEPTED!

That was the best Sunday service of my life. I kept checking with subtle sideways glance to see if this gentleman beside me was real or just a figment of my imagination. I was almost positive that he’d be gone in a flash when service was over but amazingly, I still found him standing next to me after the benediction.

“Did you enjoy the service?” He asked.

“Yes, I did.” I nodded my head emphatically to buttress that I actually did. “Today’s service was wonderful.”

He flashed me yet another wonderful smile and excitement filled the very core of my being. What was happening to me? No one…no man had ever paid me so much attention before.

“I’m Jay”, he extended a hand, “it’s nice to meet you.”

I took his hand briefly. “Megan is the name. Nice meeting you too.”

“Where are you headed?” I told him my destination. “I’m headed same way. Do you mind riding with me?”

Of course I did not mind. On the ride home, Jay and I chatted like we’d known each other for ages. Besides his extremely good looks, his liveliness, responsiveness, and caring demeanour made him so attractive and easy to be with. He insisted on seeing that I got home safely and promised to pay me a visit. That was the best day of my existence.

Jay and I became fast friends. He constantly visited and spent quality time with me. He took it upon himself to defend me against any form of assault, and I can’t even begin to count the times he came to my rescue. He made sure I lacked nothing….NOTHING AT ALL! He met my every need…..he became my solid rock.

It was Jay who introduced me to Holly. He came with her during one of his visits and she became my instant friend and best companion. Holly is the gentlest person I ever came across and she is so full of non-judgmental wisdom. They both helped me with a lot of adjustments that needed to be made in life – including a change of environment and companions – and within weeks, my life experienced a huge turn around.

Along the line, it became obvious to me that Jay was completely in love with me and oh yes, I was totally in love too …or so I thought….until Seth came along….

…….to be cont’d

© 2013 AyotundeElegbeleye

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