When I used to hang out with my former companions, Seth’s name often popped up but I never met him although he was popular downtown. He had a bad boy reputation, was popularly known to be a glamorous charmer, which made him pull crowd around him. He is very manipulative and sleekly sly and he almost always gets what he wants once he sets his sight on such thing. However, as charming as he appeared to be, he was also rumoured to be very ruthless. What I had always heard about Seth proved to be true. Seth somehow set his sight on me and started visiting me incessantly, bearing exquisite gifts coupled with sweet charming words. It initially disturbed me that Seth didn’t notice me all the while I lived downtown, when my life had no much meaning and direction, but suddenly picked an interest in me when my life turned around for good. Holly also didn’t hesitate to tell me that Seth’s intentions were no good but the more I allowed him to charm me, the more I threw caution to the wind.

I began to find Seth’s way of life fascinating. I began to listen to his counsels and carry out his suggestions. Gradually, I began to default in the way Jay and Holly introduced me to. I began to find fault with their approach to life. I repeatedly said to Jay, “You are too boring. Why can’t you loosen up a bit and add some spice to your life?” Seth told me there was more to life than I was living and that Jay was only trying to make my life boring.

I listened to Seth and found myself drifting from Jay. I no longer cared for him like I used to. Although, he was still good to me and took care of me like as always, he no longer fascinated me. Despite all, he didn’t stop reaching out to me. Most times, he would write letters to me or give Holly messages for me.

Before long, Seth started showing me his ugly side. He started luring me into doing unbecoming things and afterward, taunt and jeer at me endlessly. He would fill me with guilt ridden words and mock my relationship with Jay and Holly. He started traumatizing me emotionally and wasted no time in making me feel worthless all over again, an emotion I had become unfamiliar with since Jay came into my life. Every time Seth did this to me, I would run to Holly crying and she would soothe me in her gentle way. At this period, I would try to mend my fast breaking relationship with Jay by paying some attention to him but as soon as Seth came bearing the glamour of deceit, I would find myself running back to him and becoming defiant towards Jay again. This soon became a regular way. I was stuck deep in the mud but couldn’t pull myself out. Holly kept speaking to me about this situation. She kept telling me to break my relationship with Seth and get back with Jay but I always found an excuse or the other. The glamour of deceit completely clouded my sense of reasoning.

This was how I kept living my life – one moment, I would be frolicking with Seth and the next moment, I would have found my way back into Jay’s waiting arms, where, unfortunately, I would not stay for long before going back to Seth. Through it all, Holly stood by me and showed me the goodness of a loyal friend. She never showed resentment for my obvious stupidity, she never judged me, nor expressed anger towards me. But this time around, as Holly uttered those words in her calm demeanour and walked out, I knew I had over stepped my boundaries. I knew she was upset but I thought she would get over it, come back to visit like she always did. However, when after a few days I did not see her or hear from Jay, I knew there was fire on the mountain. I knew instinctively that my life was about taking a complete horrible turn but sadly, I did not pay any heed.

In the days that followed, Seth came to me with all kinds of gifts and soothing words. He lied to me that he would be closer to me than Jay and Holly ever did and I allowed myself to believe him. At the beginning, I had it pleasant that I thought my life was just beginning to get better but before I could blink my eyes, Seth had turned into a ruthless monster. He turned me into a slave, forcing me to fulfill all his whims and desires. He afflicted and oppressed me. He molested me till he broke my spirit and I found myself in a worse condition than I was before I met Jay. At this point, I knew I needed Holly, I sneaked away from Seth to go find her, but she was no longer where she used to live. I couldn’t find Jay either. I was completely doomed!

I was in this despondent state for many months. I was battered and I lost my will to live. I recalled with regret how Jay had come to me when I had no one and how I had rejected his love. Those days, I wept and wept but my tears could not help me much…….then one day, being tired of my existence and wishing I’d rather die than live with Seth’s tyranny, I cried unto God to help me or take my life………and help me He did!
Seth had asked me to move from the house Jay got for me into his own house. Seth kept me in as much as possible claiming that all I needed was within my reach as long as I stayed with him. However, on this blessed day, I received a visitor, an unknown but yet familiar visitor. Seth was busy with other matters so I was able to attend to my visitor. When he introduced himself, I realized and remembered that he was the pastor of the church I used to attend – the church where I met Jay.

…….to be cont’d

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