GIVE me a HUSBAND or I’ll DIE!!! (5)


“Mmmm?” I  kept massaging my husband’s foot without looking up.

“I think Tito’s guy hits her.”

“What?” I stopped the foot massage and gave him a pointed look. “What are you talking about?”

Juwon shrugged. I knew he was being careful with saying too much, especially when the subject was a delicate one but I also knew he would not broach such a delicate topic if he was not aware of something.

“Baby,” I snuggled close, “What are you trying to say to me?” I searched his face for the faintest clue, “What is going on?”

“Sweetie, I am not sure. I think there is a possibility and I thought if you knew, you might want to investigate it yourself.”

“So, what makes you think there is a possibility? Did you see something?”

“It might be nothing, really…” Juwon sighed.

“Just tell me, baby please. What did you see?”

“You remember two weeks ago, when I ran into her at the shopping mall?” Juwon looked at me for confirmation and I nodded in the affirmative, “She was wearing dark shades.”

“But….” my eyes narrowed a bit, “Tito never wears dark shades. Are you sure about this?”

Of course, Juwon wouldn’t say what he didn’t see but his revelation made me really curious because since I knew Tito, she had never worn dark shades. Tito had very lovely eyes and she loved to flaunt them. She always took extra care with eye make up to accentuate their loveliness and would never wear dark shades because she believed doing so would hide the beauty that’s meant for display. “Why would I take time making my eyes up and then hide ’em with dark shades?” Tito would always argue.

“I am sure…and that was my exact sentiment when I saw her. I asked myself why she would be wearing dark shades. We all know she doesn’t fancy them.”

“Well, honey, that’s clearly a surprise but it does not necessarily correlate with abuse.”

“True, dear, it doesn’t. After the initial curiosity, I did not give it much thought. It was not supposed to mean anything serious. At least, not that first time.”

“Not that first time?” This time, my eyes widened. “Are you saying there was a second time? You saw her wearing dark shades a second time?”

“Yeah, babe.” Juwon gently stroked my fingers to ease the tension that was rapidly building up in me. “I bumped into her again, this evening, on my way back from work when I stopped by the pharmacy. She was wearing same dark shades.”

“Perhaps she was trying out something new?” My brain refused to accept a connection between Tito’s new flair for dark shades and abuse.

“I sincerely want to believe same, hun, but what I saw appeared more serious than that.”

“Sweetheart, what did you see?”

“Although she made a good attempt at concealment, I noticed faint scratch-like marks on her left cheek and a somewhat bruised lower lip. My guess is she probably used the shades to hide a black eye.”

“Oh my God!” My hand flew to my mouth and my voice rose a notch higher, “This can’t be happening….no, it can’t be.”

“Ssshhh…” Juwon slid closer and pulled me to him, “Relax babe. There has to be an explanation and who knows, I might be wrong in my assumptions. I really hope to be wrong in this instance.”

As I nested in my husband’s arms, my thoughts kept spinning out of control and I felt it in my guts, that a horror story was about to unfold.

To be cont’d…

© 2014 AyotundeElegbeleye

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