Try Again

I ain’t all that into games, so I don’t indulge much, but I do have some games on my mobile phone that I play on rare occasions. I particularly like one, ‘Jewels Saga,’ which basically requires you to remove some bricks by matching at least 3 similar jewels. At each level, you’ll be given a specific number of ‘matching moves,’ i.e the number of attempts you can make to remove all the bricks. Once you have made all the required attempts and you are yet to remove all the bricks, you get an automated vocal prompt saying, “You are out of moves,” and then, you can choose to continue by starting all over again. If you are successful with the task, the prompt lets you know you have achieved that level and you can move to the next level. You also get some ‘star awards’ for your achievement and did I mention that while on the task, you receive positive vocal feedback for genius moves. I simply love the game.

Sometimes, I’m able to complete the task at first attempt and sometimes, after several attempts. The very interesting thing I observed about the game, which is probably the major reason I do not tire easily when playing the game, is that when you fail to complete the task, it’s not GAME OVER, you’re only out of moves and can make another attempt. Invariably, you can go back and try again and again and again, as many times as possible, until you achieve what you want. Well, I know it’s just a game and even if it says “Game over,” you can still start over but honestly, “Game over” has a ring of finality to it (which I think would discourage me faster) than “Out of moves.”

What am I on about? According to the popular slogan, “It is not over until it is over.” In other words, there is always an opportunity to try again. You are only out of moves, you can go back to the beginning and try and try and keep trying until you get to the point of achievement. What I am saying to you is, “Don’t stop trying!” You should know that the game ain’t over. You simply exhausted your moves and you can recoup. Have another go at it – chances are your moves will be better at the next trial. The lyrics of this song capture my submission:

Try Again
And remember that there is always sunshine after rain
You’ll see
Everything gets better when you try again

Let me tell you once again
You should always try again
Don’t just give it up, whatever it might be—–NO! NO!! NO!!!
‘Cos disappointments as they come
They are blessings in disguise
Don’t just give it up, ‘cos this might be your day—–OH! OH!! OH!!!

Try Again……..

© 2014 AyotundeElegbeleye
Jesus is LORD!


8 thoughts on “Try Again

  1. Please where did you hear this song? Heard it when I was in secondary school, love it soon much. Can’t find the original anywhere, Might as well compose an album titled “songs I heard but can’t listen to”.

  2. really love the song, but heard it once. can you please help me with the songwriter’s name so i can check online

  3. This is so inspiring! I love the game playing analogy, it is not something that comes to mind when going about one’s daily pursuits. What an extaordinary way to encourage people not to give up. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Hi, i love that song but i never really knew the lyrics, please would you be kind enough to share the other verse. Thanks

        1. Thank you for your comment.

          Unfortunately, I do not have the lyrics of the other verse. I’m not even aware there’s another verse – the bit I shared is the bit I know. However, if I come across this other verse, I’ll surely share.


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