Show Me Your 32!

“Your body cannot heal without play.
Your mind cannot heal without laughter.
Your soul cannot heal without joy.”

 -Catherine Rippenger Fenwick

I had an important oral exam last week, which I passed by the way – ALL thanks to God! Then, about three days ago, I was at the office of a senior colleague who was one of my examiners and he asked, “Ehn ehn, what was so funny during your oral exam that kept you laughing?” I was like, “Really! Was I laughing?” He responded, “Of course, you were, even when the panel asked you questions after your presentation.” I told him I wasn’t conscious of my action and I didn’t even know I was laughing. The only time I knew I consciously laughed was when the Chief Examiner informed me that I had just passed my exam.

The bottom line is that I laugh a lot! Well, maybe I should not be caught laughing in certain situations (seems an oral exam qualifies as one of such, I guess I was expected to put on a serious ‘I-mean-business’ expression) but truth is I love to laugh! Sometimes, some people don’t get it when I laugh at something cos they don’t think it’s funny, and I am like, “Seriously! You didn’t get the humour in this? What planet are you from?”?

Okay, I guess it all boils down to temperament, I mean each individual’s sense of humour, but honestly, laughter is good medicine for the soul and I think people should laugh more often. I don’t care whether someone thinks it’s silly or otherwise but when I find something (anything) funny, I laugh to my heart’s content.

If I don’t know anything about laughter, I know it helps keep up a youthful look – have you met me?? On a serious note, it’s been told that laughter relaxes muscles – not just facial muscles but several other muscles in the body. Studies also show that laughter reduces the production of stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) and introduces endorphin (feel-good hormones) into the system. Actually, laughter does a lot more and here’s what I found…

Benefits of Laughter
*Decreases blood pressure.
*Strengthens the immune system by increasing antibodies that fight infections.
*Reduces pain.
*Stimulates the brain to improve learning.
*Aids respiration.
*Protects against heart attack/Prevents heart disease.
*Provides good cardiac, abdominal, facial, and back muscle conditioning. It is a good workout–even burns calories!
*Improves mental and emotional health.
*Connects people, fosters relationships, and rejuvenates energy.
Feels GOOD!

What are you waiting for? Don’t live a drab, boring life – spice it up with some humour and laughter! Look for the everyday humour. Hang around funny friends and avoid negative people. Take a humour break each day. Lighten up and have fun. Go on and show your 32!

© 2014 AyotundeElegbeleye
Jesus is LORD!

Reference: Whipple, C., & Calvert, S. (2008, May). The connection between laughter, humour, and good health. University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension. Retrieved from…/hsw-caw-807.pdf


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