Walk Away

When contestants on the ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ show, find themselves on the hot seat and have exhausted all their lifelines, they are left with two options: Gamble or Walk away. Most times, contestants who gamble, especially if they have not won a guaranteed amount, end up losing out/leaving the show with much less than they would have left with if they had not gambled. At such moments, they would wish they had simply walked away. On the other hand, smart contestants who walk away usually find out they made the best decision.

When a contestant indicates his/her decision to walk away, the anchor of the show asks him/her, “Is that your final answer?” He asks this again and again to find out how convinced the contestant is about his/her decision before locking it in. Once the decision to walk away is locked in, there is no going back – the contestant walks away. I tell you again, like I did before, that in most scenarios, contestants discover that walking away is the smartest choice/decision.

What I’m trying to say to you is really simple, “Don’t stay in that unpleasant situation and gamble when you can walk away.” We all know how most addicted gamblers end their lives – in shambles – because they fail to learn how to simply walk away. When you stay in that ‘hot seat’ and gamble, the chance that you will lose out is dangerously high. When you eventually lose out, you are no longer the same, you are left broken, battered, bitter or vengeful. You become a walking, ticking time bomb waiting to explode. You can’t even begin to imagine the nasty chains of reaction that will cause. If you walk away, you save yourself and others, probably. You are free to chart a new and more profitable course for your life. If you walk away, you do yourself a whole world of good.

Remember, you have a choice – gamble or walk away – and the decision is yours. As for me, I’m joining Craig David to say, “I’m walking away….” How about you? What say ye???Walking away





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