Dreams Come True

images(2)Students come and go. After graduation, some you see again, some you don’t get to see anymore. Though I understand that it may never happen, there are some of my students I wish to see again. Over time, I noticed that I had kept alive, the ‘dream’ of seeing two particular students of mine again. I always imagined that one day, I’ll hear a light knock on my office door, and when the door opens, I’ll see one or both of these particular students (they are very good friends) walk into my office. I also always imagined what my reaction would be when that happens.

Well, I never stopped entertaining the imagination whenever it presented itself. I would see it with my mind’s eye – so vivid, so real. Two days ago, I heard a knock on my door, and I casually asked the person at the door to come in. I was expecting to see one of the students I supervised on a practical project because they were to submit some reports to me, but the face that appeared was totally different and unexpected – it was my student, the one I had vividly kept in my imagination! Boy was I….you bet I was! My dream literally came true!!

Dreams come true, yes they do! Don’t give up on yours, see it through. Dream here means vision, hope, desire, aspiration, ambition, etc. What dream do you have? How long have you been nursing it? Does it appear vaguer with each passing day because it has not manifested in some way? Don’t throw in the towel. Get up and fan the dying embers to life. Hold on to your dream, it will come to pass. Don’t lose sight of your dream, keep hope alive. Trust in God, be confident, do the work – the right work that is geared towards the pursuit of your dream. Everything will fall into place, it’s only a matter of time.images

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Jesus is LORD!

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