Several years ago, my family changed location and moved from one state to another – quite far apart. My siblings were not around, so I was the only one who made the trip with my parents. I remember feeling dejected and downcast about the change of location because it felt like being uprooted from my place of birth where I already established friendship and had connected with lots of people. A shy and introverted teenager, I just wasn’t sure how to go about establishing new connections because verily, in a completely new environment, one needs lots of self-confidence to establish oneself! Also, the teenage period is a period of life where most teenagers struggle to figure out who they are (physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, etc.) and they need some form of ‘time-to-time’ reassurance and confidence boost from peers and significant others.

So, there I was, in our new place, alone with parents, and no friend or sibling to interact with. One afternoon, I set out to run an errand for my mum. As I walked down the street, lonely stranger, shy and self-conscious, I felt like fish out of water. I kept walking, not even trying to make eye contact with no one, and then, out of the blues, one of three guys who had just slightly walked past me spoke loudly to my hearing, “She’s pretty.” He turned to one of his friends and said, “Tell her she’s pretty.” They offered me smiles, which I returned with a shy “Thank you,” and went on their way. Wow! Someone here thinks I’m pretty! I walked on the clouds all the way to where mum sent me and back home. You may have no idea, but that simple compliment did me a whole world of good – it simply made my day a lot better and raised my self-confidence a notch higher!

So, what’s the story really about? Compliments! Compliments are good. I do not think there is anyone who does not like compliments. Compliments have a way of boosting self-confidence, even self-worth in people. For instance, if you are not sure how you look in your new dress, or how nice your new pair of shoes fit, or how well your new hairdo frames your face; if you are feeling self-conscious about the make-up you just tried on, all it takes is a nice, little compliment and you are as sure as dawn! Compliments put smiles on the face, happiness in the heart, and a leap of joy in the soul. Compliments feel good!

It’s no secret that the three-fold ministry of the devil is to kill, steal, and destroy. He goes about this in many ways. One of the ways he accomplishes his mission is by flooding and attacking our minds with corroded messages and feedback from our immediate environment (people and things around), which spring a chain of ugly reaction in us. With shattered confidence, we feel inadequate, feel less than worthy, feel like we’re not good enough; gloom becomes our friend; we become scarred, dejected, helpless, and hopeless; we mope around; we barely make it through a day; we scramble for just about anything that will get us a little seemingly positive attention; and we grapple everything that seemingly feels good. The list is endless. Truth be told, the devil has dealt horribly and horridly with so many!

Well, I have come to pay you a simple compliment – YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! Take a quick look at the Mirror of life, the Word of God:
“God said, “Now we will make humans, and THEY WILL BE LIKE US”…so God created humans to BE LIKE HIMSELF; He made men and women…God looked at what He has done. All of it (including YOU) was VERY GOOD!” Genesis 1:26a, 27, & 31a (CEV – emphasis mine).

“And I praise You because of the WONDERFUL way You created me. EVERYTHING You do is MARVELOUS! Of this I have no doubt.” Psalm 139:14 (CEV – emphasis mine).

Did you see that? Do you understand what the Bible is saying here? You RESEMBLE GOD!!! Do you now believe me when I say you’re beautiful? God is the MOST BEAUTIFUL and you look just like Him! Oh, what blessedness!!! By beautiful, I do not refer to the physical beauty alone, I’m talking ’bout the total package, inside out! Don’t listen to the lies of the devil – whatever lie he’s feeding you with – you’re simply beautiful! You have the image of God, the likeness of God, the mind of Christ; you can do ALL things through Christ; you are a royal priesthood, a peculiar person; you are unbeatable, unstoppable, unshakable, ‘un-molestable’! You can do what you set out to do because you carry God’s fragrance. You are FINE!!!

“He watches you. His eyes are on the sparrow. He knows all the pains you’ve been going through. Do you know you’re the APPLE of HIS EYES? Do you really know how BEAUTIFUL you are? The Spirit of the Lord lives and dwells in you. All over the world, NO ONE looks like you. You can put a smile on your face. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!” (A Song)

Friends, let me say, once again, that you’re beautiful – so very beautiful. Let this truth sink in deep inside of you. Today (and everyday), raise your head and shoulders high, walk tall and straight, and say to yourself (and of course, the devil), “I AM BEAUTIFUL.” Now if you are convinced, join me, let’s shame the devil with this song:

“I am fearfully made. I am wonderfully made. I belong to God. I resemble Him. That’s why the devil trembles whenever he hears me singing. I am God’s own, the apple of His eyes.”

6e023a41175604ac1e23be0f5dc8fb50Have a bright and beautiful day.

© 2014 AyotundeElegbeleye (Originally written for ThyPreciousJewels)

Jesus is LORD!

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