You’ve GOT the POWER!

I love punctuation marks. They have great significance, because a simple punctuation can give varied meanings to a sentence. Here, let’s have a little illustration:

“He is not my brother…”

“He is, not my brother…”

“He is not! My brother…”


The first sentence is very clear. I would assume it’s an answer to a question such as:

Question: Is he your brother?

Answer: He is not my brother.

The second sentence, though so very similar, is definitely not the same as the first. I would assume this second sentence is a response to a question such as:

Question: Who is responsible for this, your brother or him?

Answer: He (the other guy) is (responsible for this), not my brother.

Likewise, the third sentence conveys a very different meaning from the first and second sentences. Again, I would assume it’s an answer to a question such as:

Question: Is your brother a rogue?

Answer: He (my brother) is not (a rogue)! My brother (is the most responsible citizen…..bla bla bla)


One sentence, varied meanings…’s all about punctuation!


Where exactly am I headed? Let’s apply same rule to a popularly quoted scripture. If I ask you to quote ‘Zechariah 4:7a’ offhand, I’m sure (from several observations) you’d most likely quote it this way, “Who art thou, O great mountain before Zerubbabel, thou shalt become a plain.” (KJV) Well, you are not far from the truth! Do you realize, though, that the exact way this scripture reads is, “Who art thou, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel, thou shalt become a plain.” (KJV)

Do you see what I see? I’ll tell you. The former quote seems to lay emphasis on the mountain – something like, “You great mountain before Zerubbabel will become a plain,” but the latter quote seems to project Zerubbabel – something like, “I don’t care what you are, great mountain. Even if you stand tall before others, that’s your headache; but before Zerubbabel, you will DEFINITELY become a plain!”

Alleluia! What power! What authority!!

You may say, “Don’t they both imply same thing? At the end of the day, the idea is that the mountain will fall before Zerubbabel.” This is quite correct. However, my aim is to bring you to a realization of the power and authority YOU carry. Notice that Zerubbabel was not the only one involved in the building that was going on, others were facing same challenge too. Notice that the mountain stood there, obstructing and limiting everyone, and not just Zerubbabel (like the former quote suggested). Perhaps others had tried to bring it down but it wouldn’t budge. However, Zerubbabel was different. He carried an anointing, an aura that will level any kind of mountain, whatever it was, and however high it towered.

The same goes for you. You have been given a name that is above ALL names – the name JESUS! This name will move any mountain, any day, any where, any time. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him (Matthew 28:18) and since you are a joint-heir with Him (Romans 8:17), you also have access to this authority. You have authority to trample on snakes and scorpions without being in harm’s way (Luke 10:19). You have the power to make a decree here on earth and have it established in heaven (Matthew 18:18). The power you command is greater than what any mountain represents because the One in you is far greater than the intimidation out there (1 John 4:4).

Do you know who you are?

Do you know what you carry?

Are you aware of the ABSOLUTE power in the name of Jesus?

Do you know how much power you wield through His name?

You carry great power! You command great authority!! No situation can overwhelm you!!!download

With this fresh understanding and renewed vigour, stare that challenge down and say, “Who are you, O great mountain (mention the name)?  Before Ayotunde (mention your name if you prefer it to mine…..hehe), you shall become a plain.”84105409


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Jesus is LORD!

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