download (1)One day, when I was still in junior secondary school, one of my ‘big brothers’ asked me what I wanted to become in future (the common question you ask pre-teens/teenagers) and I said, “Doctor” (probably ‘cos that sounded like the most prestigious profession around then – almost every youngster wanted to be a doctor). When I said that to him, he humorously named me, “Emergency Doctor.” This was shortened to, “Dr. Mergency,” and subsequently, this big bro of mine and others consistently called me ‘Mergency’….and it hasn’t stopped till date.

At some point, when I became a senior, I gave up that ‘childish’ dream of wanting to be a doctor. Not that I got discouraged, I guess I simply grew out of the idea and I began nursing another ambition (probably still ‘cos it appeared prestigious at that time too). However, my ‘Dr. Mergency’ nickname remained and I kept answering it.

At the University, I found myself studying a totally different course – far from what I ever thought or anticipated – but I fell in love with it and I stayed with it. All of these times, being a doctor never remotely crossed my mind – not ever again, but I still answered my nickname ‘Dr. Mergency’.

I bagged my second degree and I had other things in mind – very far removed from being a doctor. Then, all of a sudden, I found myself in the academia and thus started a journey towards bagging a doctorate degree. Suffice to say that at some point, I told myself I didn’t want a third degree and if I had my way, I would have ‘passed’, but no matter how much I tried to convince myself to stall, it was ‘Onward Christian Soldier’. All these times, through the struggles and all, I was answering my nickname ‘Dr. Mergency’.

Lo and behold, by the mercies of God, I bagged my doctorate degree and now, I’m actually a Doctor but still remain the one and only ‘Dr. Mergency’…hehe.

Where am I going? In the Nigerian soap ‘Domino’, there was this character (Prof) who always said, “What you see is what you get.” It is a known truth though, that what you see has a direct influence on what you say and so by inference, it ain’t wrong to say, “What you say is what you get.”

imagesIf that is the case, then I challenge you to NAME that situation/circumstance. Yes, give that thing a name because what you say is what you get. I told that story to illustrate the absolute power in words. Someone just chose to call me ‘Dr.’ all through my years, even when I was clearly not one nor aiming towards becoming one – but it did come to pass, eventually. As it were, the word was carelessly thrown around – just a mere nickname – without attaching any meaningful importance to it, yet it produced an effect that resulted in a manifestation of some sort. How much more words that are uttered consciously and convincingly?

In John 1:42(AMP), when Andrew brought Simon (Peter) to Jesus, Jesus looked at Simon and said to him, “You are Simon son of John, You shall be called Cephas – which translated is Peter (Stone).” It was Jesus who gave Simon, the name ‘Peter’ and that name meant ‘Stone’ – something solid, unshakeable, enduring. Taking a careful look at the life of Peter, at the time Jesus was still on earth, he was far from exhibiting the traits of this name that was given to him.

However, suddenly, Peter indeed became the ‘Stone’, which he was named to be. The disciple who, out of fear, once denied his Lord before a little maid, became so bold in the presence of high priests and multitudes of people. This same Peter who quickly went back to his old fishing trade after Jesus’ death and resurrection, stayed and endured persecution of all kinds, never for once flinching or turning his back on his Master. Jesus named him, and he became his name. Jesus knew what was ahead and so had to give him a name that would bring about the manifestation of that what was expected. When God was about to make Abram the father of many nations according to His promise, He named him ‘Abraham’ (Genesis 17:5) and today, that name has brought forth the expected manifestation.

Now, go ahead and give that situation or circumstance or thing a name because what you say is what you get.
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AyotundeElegbeleye 2015 (Originally written for ThyPreciousJewels)
Jesus is LORD!

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