Another Evil

“There is another evil I have seen as I have watched the world go by, a sad situation concerning kings and rulers…” Ecclesiates 10:5 (ERV)

The wise King Solomon observed lots of stuff, evil and good, which he meticulously documented. I, like the wise king, have observed various phenomena, one of which I’d like to express…

“There is another evil I have observed as I have sat in public transports, a sad situation concerning ‘preachers’…” Ayotunde 2015 (MPV)?

Yes, I consider it evil because it’s such pitiful acts that make some disdain Christianity. This evil I have observed is none other than preachers soliciting money in public transports!?

download (12)The other day, I was in the bus, seated beside this gentleman, and not long after the bus took off, this gentleman stood to preach. He started by saying PT was not his choice mode of transportation that morning as he had a car at home but he believed God wanted to meet someone’s need because his car failed to start and he had to opt for PT (he should have simply said he couldn’t fix his car due to insufficient fund…say the truth and shame the devil joooor??).

Anywayz, he continued preaching and initially, I really considered him to be genuine. Then he began calling out prayer points (you know all those prayer points that Nigerians like to pray with zeal) and began ‘operating in the realm of word of wisdom and knowledge’ (Nigerians dey rush that one too like indomie?). I had no qualms with all that until he mentioned money. He said his ‘ministry’ prints tracts and booklets or something like that @ 100 Naira per copy and those who were led by the Spirit of God should support the work of the ministry with a minimum of 100 Naira. At that moment, I totally gave up on him! Of course, money flowed right, left, and center, from those who have been psyched properly but e no move me one bit. I’d rather give my money to ‘bambiala’?

I witnessed another incidence recently. It was the usual pattern of preaching, then praying, then ‘operating the gift of the Spirit’ (mostly ‘well practiced educated guesses’, as far as I’m concerned), and then what I like to call ‘fine/decent bara’ (begging alms with style). This other preacher didn’t link the money with any project, he simply encouraged those who had a leading in their spirit to ‘bless’ him with their substance to go ahead and do so. As usual, money flowed from back to front. I guess people are used to paying ‘owo adura’ (prayer levy). What a shame!

Should people preach in public transports or not? That’s not my bone of contention. I actually salute the courage of anyone who takes it upon himself/herself to do so. However, I am disheartened at this new trend of preaching and then asking for money…for gini (what for)? What happened to, “Freely (without pay) you have received, freely (without charge) give?” Jesus actually spoke those words to His disciples in Matthew 10:8b (AMP) when He sent them out to preach. I’m not down with this idea of turning the gospel into a money-making venture – Jesus did not teach us so! Those in the habit of exchanging the gospel for money should desist or…well, I don talk my own sha!

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