It Ain’t Over

Martha: Mary, Lazarus’ condition is getting worse, we need to send a message to Jesus to come and heal him.
Mary: Yes, Martha. I will send the message right away.
(After some days)
Martha: (sobbing profusely) Why, Lord? Why did Lazarus have to die? (looking at Mary) Mary, did you send that message I asked you to send to the Master?
Mary: (sniffing) Of course, I did. I am positive the message got to Him.
Martha: I can’t believe Jesus let this happen to Lazarus, His dear friend. How could He have done this to us? How could He?
Mary: There has to be an explanation, Martha. Maybe He is on His way. He can still come today and wake Lazarus up.
(After burial)
Martha: Mary, I heard the Master is on His way here.
Mary: Well, it is good that He is coming but isn’t it too late now? It’s over.
Martha: Sincerely, I think it’s over too (sighs). But….it’s Jesus, He can do all things, yes?
Mary: (sighs)
Martha: I am going out to meet the Master, I need to let Him know how displeased I am that He is just coming.
In my imagination, I suppose this was how the ‘Lazarus story’ played out. Of course, it probably was a far cry from this, however, I am trying to make a point with my ‘imagined illustration’.

When Lazarus’ sickness was still manageable, hope for his recovery was probably high. After all, he was Jesus’ very good friend and Jesus had healed lots of terminally ill folks, even those ‘not close’ to Him.

Even when Lazarus’ death was still fresh, there was still hope that Jesus would probably come, touch his hand, and lift him up like He did Jairus’ daughter.

However, after being dead and buried for four whole days, every hope of having Lazarus back to life was probably lost. When Martha and Mary met Jesus respectively, they did not seem to have any hope of resurrection for Lazarus – not anymore, they simply expressed their griefs about Jesus’ ‘late coming’. “If you had been here, earlier than now, Lazarus would not have died,” they lamented. That is, they already accepted the situation as being too late. It was over, for Lazarus, as far as they were concerned.

But wait, let me point your attention to a portion of Jesus’ and Martha’s discussion that is often overlooked. In John 11:22, as soon as Martha expressed her grief about Jesus’ ‘late coming’, she said to Him, “But even NOW, I know that God will grant you whatever you ask Him” – a ray of hope, glory!

Friends, all that’s needed is to keep hope alive. Although Martha’s responses to Jesus’ comments and gestures afterwards indicated that she had lost the hope of ever seeing her brother alive on earth, that seemingly insignificant comment she made pointed to the fact that somewhere, deep within, hope was still very much alive.

Don’t give up on hope because hope will never disappoint/delude/shame you (Romans 5:5; AMP). No matter how the situation presents itself to you, keep hope alive. It’s never over until it is over and it can never be over until the Master steps in because He has the final say over the matter.

As you step into a brand new month and aIMG_20150223_115827-001_edit brand new quarter, let a brand new hope surge within you. Enjoy a most prosperous April 2015. xoxo

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Jesus is LORD!

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