He is not perfect! Is she???

As a regular surfer on cyberspace, I have come across several stories and scenarios of marital relationships gone awry and every time I have such encounters, more than the stories themselves, some of the comments give me headaches and heart burns. Being someone who does not entirely buy societal, traditional, even religious sentiments on certain issues, I find it so difficult to comprehend or come to terms with some rationales and scriptural manipulations people come up with. Now, I do not claim that my views or opinions are absolutes or completely accurate, however, I am someone who fiercely believes in equity/fairness, hence my thought pattern(s). Recently, I had these thoughts running through my mind…..

~When he is philandering, you tell her, “bear with him, he is not perfect.”
~When he hits her or abuses her in other ways, you tell her, “stay put, he is not perfect.”
~When he ditches his responsibilities, you tell her, “you’re the help meet, he is not perfect.”

Well then, men are not perfect, I agree!

I do hope, however, that
~When she finds herself drawn to another man (sometimes, because of the neglect at home….or not) and she acts on it, you’ll tell him, “bear with her, she is not perfect.”
~When she talks back at him, you’ll tell him, “overlook it, she is not perfect.”
~When she ditches her responsibilities, you’ll tell him, “she’s the weaker vessel, she is not perfect.”

Because, guess what? Women are NOT PERFECT TOO!!!

If you can tell a woman that her husband is not perfect and so should put up with his indiscretions, and cannot tell a man to put up with his wife’s indiscretions because she ain’t perfect too, but turn around to castigate the woman for her imperfection, you are a HYPOCRITICALLY UNJUST ‘pelzin’ (person)! You are simply like those people who brought ONLY the woman caught in adultery for condemnation and allowed the man go scot-free (what is good for the goose is also good for the gander!). They thought Jesus would applaud ’em but He didn’t have anything nice to say to ’em, cos He saw the wickedness in their hearts; and I doubt He has changed His mind about such acts (cos unlike humans, He is just).

He is watching and shaking His head?.hqdefaultimages (2)

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Jesus is LORD!

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