Look before you leap

My HOD called and told me he learnt I shredded some documents belonging to him. “Ahhhhh, shred documents bawo? HOD documents ke? How come? Wetin I chop?” He said the departmental admin officer told him that I shredded some papers I picked from his (admin officer) table. I quickly recalled that I had indeed shredded some sheets of paper in the admin office, but wait, weren’t the papers mine? Then it dawned on me…

You see, just few minutes before I went to the departmental office, I cleaned out my table and of course, papers that had outlived their usefulness were shredded. After I was done cleaning and shredding, I went to the departmental office. Someone had forgotten some documents on my table and I planned taking them to her on my way back from the departmental office. When I finished from the D.O., I left but soon returned to pick the documents I had forgotten on the table. The admin officer showed me some other documents on the table and asked if I forgot those ones too. I picked them up, not so sure if I mistakenly brought ‘trash’ from my office. A quick scan showed me they were lecture attendance sheets. I also saw 111 – the numeric part of a course code, but didn’t quite make out the whole course code. Coincidentally, I had just left PSY111 class before I cleaned out my office, before I went to the departmental office; so when I saw 111, I simply concluded the sheets of paper were part of the trash I cleaned out from my office and fra fra fra, I shredded them without a second glance.

Alas! They were attendance sheets of another course that carried similar code and they belonged to my HOD. Una no see me, see something so? Chai!!! Thank God ooo, he had extracted the information he needed from the documents and the level of importance had gone down a notch. If to say the documents I tear tear dey very important ni, na serious yawa be dat ooo. At any rate, my HOD magnanimously forgave my indiscretion – he’s a great guy like that!

The lesson I learnt is this: “Look before you leap!” The chain of events that led to the shredding of those attendance sheets tricked my brain into assuming, instead of observing closely. Sometimes in life, you experience similar events and you tend to assume they can be handled in similar ways–well, not so fast my friend! Look at a situation closely. Observe critically. Don’t assume; get the facts and lay them straight. Next time, I will look thoroughly before I leap (take any action). I have learnt that much.images (5)

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