Do Something

My almost 7-year old niece got a cute pink purse as new year gift and that inspired her wish to make some money. She went to her dad and asked, “Daddy, what can I do for you to earn some money?” Wow! How smart!IMG_20160101_190313

Daddy asked her to meet mummy. To encourage her ‘enterprising spirit’, mummy gave her a chore, and then paid her after completion. Then she got another gig. Her big sisters had to go out and at the same time had something brewing on fire. It was almost done and they needed someone to simply put out the fire in a matter of minutes….while they get on with their outing. Of course, she offered to help them, provided she gets paid for the ‘job’. They agreed. The deal was sealed.

Then she came to me and asked what job she could do for me, to get paid. I didn’t understand at first, because I was distracted and wasn’t paying her much attention. When her mum gave me a download of what she was on about, I was deeply touched. Sure, I had her clear/wash my plate after eating and paid her. She was really on a roll because after a while, she returned to ask for more jobs. She was so enthusiastic, it was almost infectious. She even wrote out the details of her first job(s). This one here, is gonna be some shrewd, self-motivated business woman!

Here’s what touched me: This young soul understood the importance of work. She could have asked her dad for money to put in her new purse, after all, she’s a minor and dad/mum should give her everything she needs and desires. She could have come to me to ask for money and she would have received, without hesitation. However, she wanted to work for her money – the money to put in her purse – and that just melted me. I was all too eager to pay her.

It struck me though, that these days, some people, especially youngsters (some adults too) do not have the right attitude to work/money. These days, people want to have and spend money but are not willing to work hard for it. They hope that somehow, money will drop on their laps for them to enjoy life. People are looking for who to leech on….someone they can sink their parasitic fangs into and suck dry. No wonder deception and corruption abound per second.

To whom it may concern, I urge you, in the new year, “Do something!” God will only bless the ‘work’ of your hands and it is ‘whatsoever you do’ that’s entitled to prosperity. I mean honest work, not some scamming-people-for-a-living nonsense! On the other hand, some people want to work, but can’t be bothered to do certain work they consider too menial. I know it ain’t easy, especially if it is work that is way below one’s level, but I ask, “when has doing nothing/earning nothing put food on the table or bought groceries?” Isn’t half-bread, even quarter-bread better than none? As they say, “there is dignity in labour,” and really, one does not know where and when better opportunities may surface.

I pray that 2016 will bring greater opportunities our ways and we will change levels (positively) as much as we want. Amen.

Happy New Year!

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Jesus is LORD!

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