Be Considerate

Parents, biko, let’s put our children into consideration when we are making certain decisions…especially ones that directly affect them…e.g.names.

Perhaps it’s none of my business, of course it’s none of my business what name you choose to give your child but I go still talk am sha?

Imagine a child answering a name like ‘Galatians’ or ‘Gala’ for short (okay, this is a hypothetical name but I actually read about someone who gave her children similar names…yes, I mean names of books in the new testament). Have you stopped to think about the kinda bullying and taunting and teasing a child can suffer from school mates because of this? How about the child’s self-esteem, which can be negatively affected when he/she becomes a constant object of uncensored jesting? Do you have an idea how badly scarred your child can be as a result of this?

Let’s face it, a child’s name should be about the child and not the parent because it’s the child that bears the name (and the unnecessary trauma that may result from the name chosen for him/her). So, don’t give your child a name that suits you or one that strokes your imaginary ego or puts you in a certain perceived ‘good light’ among certain groups of people (I am sorry, some religious folks are so guilty of this…giving a child ridiculous religious names just to prove their religiosity…who cares?). As a guardian, make decisions in the best interest of your child (or do you think a child, if given the choice will want to be called Galatians?). Give that child a name he’d/she’d happily answer to and his/her soul will bless you!


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