I once had a song stored on my phone. I got it (with other songs) from a friend. Every time I tried to listen to it, I never got past the ‘intro’ …it just always seemed to rub off the wrong way. At that time, the intro never sounded nice in my ears, so I concluded that the song would also be ‘trash’. Then one day, I decided to listen to the song, every bit of it, and I ended up putting it on perpetual replay – I enjoyed it that much!

At first encounter, something may not show signs of having ‘great potential’, but a closer engagement or interaction reveals its true greatness. Same goes for express instructions from God. The instruction coming to you from God may show no sign of being capable enough to bring about the miraculous…if only you’ll just do it!

Remember Mary’s words to Jesus’ disciples, “whatever He tells you, do it!” Of course, the instruction Jesus gave them would have sounded a bit ridiculous (as far as their human mind could comprehend). “We are talking about wine, He’s asking us to bring water,” some might have mused. However, they did what He asked and water became wine. John 2:1-10.

When Elisha asked Naaman to go wash in river Jordan, he felt belittled and flew off the handle. Naaman must have thought to himself, “What healing property can the water of common and ordinary river Jordan have when there are pools with well treated water in Damascus? This man must be a joker!” He allowed himself to be persuaded all the same, and he had a new skin to show for it. 2Kings 5:9-14.

How about when Jesus told Peter to launch his net into the sea for a catch after failing to catch any fish all night? As a professional fisherman, who had all the skills of catching fishes, Peter must have found Jesus’ instruction quite hilarious (in the reverse). However, because the instruction came from Jesus, he obeyed and had a net-breaking catch. Luke 5:1-7.

God’s words (instructions) are potent because “where the word of a king is, there is power!” (Ecclesiastes 8:4). Has He instructed you on a matter? The instruction may seem ‘duh’….JUST DO IT! His word works!!!

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Jesus is LORD!

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