Back Off! (2)

When you decide you want to be less irritable, some people will just make it almost impossible, chai!?

First of all, I think (some) people should learn the art of virtual communication. Well, I take communication seriously, whether real-time or virtual and just as you, a stranger, will not walk up to me in real-time, and ask me yeye question, I don’t expect you to ‘walk up’ to me virtually and be spewing jargons. It irks me to the bone, walahi!

Ehen, so I accepted a friend request on fb. The thing is, when I see a friend request and I notice that I have some mutual fb connection of some sort with ‘request-er’, I try to be polite by accepting the request. But some people will always make you regret your well-meaning actions, init?

So, after few hours of accepting this guy’s request, my phone buzzed… “I got mail.” I opened fb messenger to check mail, lo and behold, na new guy. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised…na today? But what greeted me raised my irritation level a notch.

“Please don’t be angry o. Are you single or married?” He asked.

Say wetin??
No hello, no greeting, no courtesy, nothing! You see why I said some people need to attend virtual communication classes?

“I am not angry, but what has that got to do with anything?” I responded.

“Well don’t think am not serious with that question every good thing need to protect i wish to know you don’t be angry don’t run for me please.” He replied.

Warriz this gibberish for the love of yoghurt? Okay, I don’t want to talk about the grammar but it fueled my irritation, that is so true. However, my point is, “what is ‘strong’ with pipu?” Honestly, what the heck is wrong with some people? You are communicating with someone for the very first time and their marital status is your cup of tea? Na survey? Okay bruv, you just gave yourself away and you need to back off, now! Mtcheeeeeeew.

Actually, I already see a potential irritant, and I am not taking chances, so ima gon’ block someone off my fb profile asap. Ain’t nobody got time for all that…iiiiissssh…bhet errr, I haven’t stopped wondering, “what is ‘strong’ with pipu?”

Anyone has an idea?

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