When Elsa ‘mistakenly’ infected Anna’s heart with her ice spell, Anna was told that, “only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.” The trolls and Kristoff believed the act of true love to be a kiss and thus began the race to get a kiss from her ‘one true love’. Oh, how I rooted for her to get to Kristoff (or vice versa) so that they could seal their lips in an act of true love; and how amazed I was when I discovered it wasn’t even a kiss that saved her after all.

Most times, when we talk about love, we think ‘romance’, but that is so not it; let no bolly, holly, or nolly wood deceive you, and while at it, make sure you discard telemundo’s idea of love as well.

Someone blogged that Elsa’s loving embrace (after Anna completely froze) was the act of true love, perhaps, but I saw a different act. Anna, was freezing to death, she needed help, and in getting that help, she needed to focus on getting to the ‘solution’ (Kristoff’s lips) but when she saw her sister’s life being threatened, she forgot all about her own impending death and dived in to save her sister. That, I believe, was the “act of true love,” in this context. If she had gone after a kiss, she would have frozen to the teeth.

I believe Anna was saved by her selfless act of love, so I guess it is safe for me to say that, “SELFLESSNESS is ONE AUTHENTIC ACT OF TRUE LOVE.” Loving someone truly and genuinely is not only in the words, “I love you” (words are cheap and not always sincere); or the declaration, “I can’t live/do without you” (yinmu); or in dishing out roses and/or other cheap/expensive gifts; or in treating someone to a romantic candlelight dinner every weekend; or tripping ’em to all the posh places on planet earth; but in selfless, altruistic acts. You’ll do well to remember that the next time you claim to love someone.

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