Do as you would be done by (episode 2)

It was almost time for choir rehearsal but Toks remained on her bed. She wasn’t feeling the least motivated. She yawned, stretched out tiredly, and turned to face the wall. She was going to spend the time sleeping and for all she cared, choir rehearsal could go to blazes and Beatrice could follow suit.

“Knock, knock, anybody home?” Wande cracked the door opened and peeped into Toks’ room. Wande’s room was only two doors away from Toks’ and most times, they went to rehearsals together. She didn’t expect the sight that greeted her so she let herself fully into the room. By now, Toks should have been ready or almost ready.

“Toks? Can you hear me?” She tapped her gently, trying to rouse her from sleep. “Toks, are you okay? Is something wrong?”

Toks grunted disapprovingly as if saying “I am trying to sleep here, biko.”

“Are you aware we’re already running late for choir rehearsal? If you don’t get up now and you make me go late, I’ll make you sorry.” Wande’s teasing didn’t move Toks, so she shook her a little vigorously for effect. “Get up now, I don’t want to be late.”

“Then be on your way na, abi wetin?” Toks refused to turn towards Wande.

“Toks?” Wande’s voice sounded concerned. “What is going on? Why aren’t you going for the rehearsal?”

“I am not going because I am not inclined to go, simple.”


“Abeg, you too dey ask questions joor. Can’t I just make up my mind not to go for choir rehearsal? Must I go to the stupid rehearsal?” Toks slowly turned to face Wande, “you better get going, or you will be terribly late and I won’t be sorry.” She turned away to continue her sleep.

Wande didn’t know what to make of Toks’ abrupt attitude. “What bit her?” She wondered. She decided to stop by Sope’s hostel on her way. If she set out right away, she might still catch Sope in the room. She met Joy, Sope’s roommate at the entrance to the hostel.

“Hello Joy, how are you doing?” She offered a smile.

“Hello Wande,” Joy smiled back, “I am very fine, thank you. How are you too?”

“I am doing fine, thanks. Please, is Sope still around or has she left for choir rehearsal?”

“No, she hasn’t left. Do you guys have rehearsal today?”

Wande wondered at the question. “Yes, we do. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I figured if there was a rehearsal, Sope would be dressed and possibly be on her way by now. When I left her in the room, it didn’t appear to me like she was going anywhere. She sat glued to her computer; she hardly noticed my exit.”

“Wow! What’s going on here?” Wande mused. She smiled at Joy to hide her bewilderment. “Thanks Joy. Let me allow you be on your way. I will go in and see Sope.”

“You are welcome. Bye.”


Wande dashed into the hall and headed for Sope’s room. Something was definitely going on, which she was not privy to. Well, she was bent on finding out. If Toks would not tell her, Sope must, even if she has to force it out of her.

To be cont’d…

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