Hold on Still

I have taken time to observe the little children from our neighbouring country who beg alms in our market places or motor parks. One thing common to them is the tenacious attitude with which they beg alms. Once any of them decides to approach you for ‘help’, he (she) latches on to you, and holds you tenaciously as if his (her) life depends on it. Even when you seem to ignore or refuse to give what he (she) is asking for, he (she) will hold on still, following you everywhere, asking you for what he (she) desires of you. It’s always a matter of, “I won’t let you go until you ‘bless’ me.” Although there are throngs of people in these places, these children do not get weary of holding on to one individual until they get what they want. They don’t quickly switch from one ‘unresponsive’ individual to another prospect. They are skilled in the art of holding on. I always find this amusing and sometimes wonder at their tenacity, then, one morning, as I was observing another one of their scenerios, I had an insight…

In our daily walk with God, we need to be like these children – unwavering, undaunted, believing, persistent, tenacious (I mean, they stick to you like a leech, you’d hardly be able to wriggle yourself out of their grip!). We need to cultivate the art of sticking it out with God, no matter what. When we look to Him for help, there should be no plan B, hatched somewhere in the recess of our mind. If we consider God as the ONLY source of help (and He is), there should be no room for an alternative solution and when He seems to be ‘unresponsive’, we need to, like these children, hold on tenaciously.

This was the story of Jacob in Genesis 32:24-30. He held on and would not let go until he got his blessing. If he had relented at some point during that encounter, he might have missed his blessing, even by a slim chance. 1Corinthians 15:58 (NKJV – emphasis mine) says, “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be STEADFAST, IMMOVABLE, ALWAYS ABOUNDING in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” Many times, the test and the prove of the faith we most certainly profess is our tenacity – the ability to hold on to God, no matter what!

Today, the word of encouragement is: “HOLD ON STILL!” Yes, time is kinda running out and you’ve not received what you want but all of that don’t matter with God. God is not interested in statistics (as it were), He is most interested in your tenacity. Don’t give up, keep looking up. There’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel, just keep moving ahead.

“HOLD ON, all you’ve got to do is HOLD ON
There is NO FAILURE in my God
Hold on, hold on
There is no failure in God
(You can substitute ‘Hold on’ with ‘Have faith’, ‘Trust Him’, ‘Look up’, ‘Just wait’, ‘Be strong’)” ~ A song

© 2016 AyotundeElegbeleye (Originally written for Thypreciousjewels)
Jesus is LORD!

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