The Driver


So, I found another short story I turned in as assignment for the online creative writing course I took.

Here goes:

“I can’t imagine this!” I muttered under my breath as I left the ATM and re-entered the mini mart, “my card don expire.”

I must have deliriously thought I had enough cash when I was packing items initially, but was shocked back to reality when it fell short at the cashier’s. Since the POS terminal wasn’t functioning, I opted for the ATM. Needless to say, I returned empty-handed.

I was pissed that I’d have to return some items but was thankful that the meager amount in my account was spared for that moment. At any rate, I wasn’t too elated. I dragged my feet towards the cashier like they were filled with lead.

Just then, a guy walked in, with confidence and extreme good looks – the prim and proper type. In a jiffy, a salesperson appeared, then strutted off to ‘get his order’.

I gawked at him. “This guy dey rich,” I thought, “only rich people dey get this kin attention.”

He turned towards me and held my gaze. He winked and smiled too.

I gushed. “Choi, I fit befriend am,” my dwindling account was on my mind.

Before I knew it, I was resting against the leathery passenger’s seat of a sleek Rav4, gisting with Kazeem like old-time friends. He’d take me out to a nice eatery, but home, first. The house was another jaw dropping sight. He drove in, asked me to alight, and wait by the car while he changed clothes. When Kazeem reappeared, he had transformed to drab.

“We can go now,” he announced.

“Go where?” I asked, mortified.

“The eatery. Hope you carry plenty money for two because that eatery dey expensive,” he smiled.

My jaw dropped. It took me no time to get the gist that my knight in shining armour was the driver of a popular wealthy man. I had mistakenly judged a book by its cover.

PS: It’s fiction but truly, we have all been there, misjudging based on stereotypes and prejudices, haven’t we? Hmm…


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