“Breathe, Arinola, breathe,” I said to myself as I filled my lungs with air. Though practically paralysed with anxiety, I continued filling my lungs with needed air. No way would I give in to panic attack or allow myself choke to death. Mbanu!

I heard Tade’s voice.

“Mum?” he sounded surprised, “what are you doing here?”

“You too, ku ile o. I greet you if you don’t greet me,” icequeen responded playfully.

“Rara ma, ko ri be,” Tade laughed, “I was only surprised. We weren’t expecting you back so soon. E kaabo ma. Awon ti Paris nko?”

“Awon ti Paris wa jare. They all send their greetings. I got bored joor and missed home terribly so I packed my stuff and here I am. Hmm…home sweet home.”

“But mum, you barely spent a week.”

“Actually, a week and a day. Mo gbiyanju, I tried jare. I missed you guys, especially my sweet baby Sheila.”

“I miss you too grandma,” Oyinade sing sang, “I’m glad you’re back…and mummy too.”

“Mummy? Sheila darling, what are you talking about?”

“My mummy…my mummy,” I could hear the excitement in her voice, “my mummy is back from Nigeria.”

Tade stepped in. “Erm, honey, mummy is not fully back, not yet, she’s just here for a visit.”

“Can someone tell me what’s going on here?” Mrs Magbadelo demanded. “Who did I hear you say is back?”

“My mummy.”


Father and daughter spoke in unison.

“And when were you planning to tell me this?” she queried.

I didn’t see her face, but I imagined it had contorted in anger. I filled my lungs with air still.

“Honey,” Tade spoke to Oyinade, “go to your room for a while, I want to discuss with grandma. Okay?”

“Okay, daddy.”

“I’m listening,” her majesty continued her query, “when were you planning to tell me you brought someone into my house without my permission?”

“This is my house too,” Tade protested. “Mum, calm down and let me exp…”

“By the way,” she cut Tade short, “how long have you been planning this behind my back? So, your plan was to smuggle her in and out before my return from Paris, abi? Olorun o fun e se! I know she put you up to this, I know.”

Again, I could imagine her seething and fuming. I cringed.

“This was my idea, mum…all mine. In fact, I put her up to this. I figured you’d be away in Paris and …”

“That is not an excuse!” She cut him short again. “You had no right to bring a stranger into my house without my permission. I do not condone such …”

“But mum,” it was Tade’s turn to cut in, “Arinola is not a stranger. This is her house too. She is my …”

“I have not finished,” the ‘cutting in’ game continued. “Young man, this here is my house…my house, you hear me and when I say you need my permission to bring whomever into this house, you better believe it! So ti gbo mi? When you have your own house, ehen, anyone can come and go as they like but in my house, I dictate who comes and goes.”


“Anyway,” her majesty continued, “what’s done is done. I forgive the error in judgement sugbon ma ba mi dan iru e wo mo, do you understand me? You could have at least let me know you were planning to bring that unstable woman into my house.”

Emi? Unstable? Just shoot me now or the ground can open and swallow me. Breathe, breathe, breathe…

“That’s enough, mum!” Tade raised his voice at momsie…perhaps for the first time. “I take an exception to you calling my wife unstable. For your information, she is healthy and very sound. And thanks for the advice mum, it’s timely. I’ll get a place of my own so I can do as I please.”

I heard Tade’s footsteps as he stomped out of the living room. He was clearly angry. I imagined her ‘royal highness’ sitting there gobsmacked and wondering what hit her. A little chuckle escaped from somewhere inside me. Tade actually stood up for me…against his mum…hmm, who would have thought such a thing could happen?

To be cont’d…

© 2017 AyotundeElegbeleye
Jesus is LORD!

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