No Means NO!!!

So, last week, there were some trending posts about attempted rape/sexual molestation (and the unfortunate ‘rape-to-death-of-14-year-old-girl’ saga) on Facebook Nigeria and alas, some of the comments that flew about shocked me to the marrow! When everyone/everything else gets blamed, except the perpetrator; when some people can find justification for the dastardly act and sweep it under the ‘religious/cultural carpet’ as if it’s one of those things; then it’s time to ask, like Sunny Okosun did: “Which way, Nigeria?” When will we be rid of the stinky and warped mental sets that hold us captive?

A boy/man sexually assaults a girl/woman and you hear people making all sorts of excuses for the sexual offender. Sadly, the undertone of these excuses points to only one assertion: “NO SELF-CONTROL” and it is rather nauseating that people actually think that lack of self-control is enough excuse to justify/exonerate this barbaric act. What a shame!

As I dey waka-about Facebook yesterday, I stumbled on this post and it perfectly mirrors my sentiment.

Bree Wiseman

Yes, if a dog can be tamed to exercise self-control and delay gratification, what excuse do humans have? If these men that sexually assault women can’t control their appetite, irrespective of the circumstance, then what differentiates them from animals? I guess they are really animals in human skin and if you ask me, asides hauling their behinds into jail, they should also be CASTRATED, yes, I said so! And to una wey dey always come up with one excuse/justification or the other for sexual molestation of any kind, “SHAME ON YOU!”

If you petition someone for sex and she (or he) says NO, it simply means NO abi what part of that don’t you understand? The N or the O??

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