Say Hello To Guest Blogger AMA

Hello friends. How are you doing?

Ayotunde has graciously invited me to be a Guest Blogger here and I’ve accepted.

Quick intro… I’m that NERD you’ll have loved to laugh at but her razor-sharp mouth will make you think again. I’ve mellowed a bit now but the ‘spirit’ takes over once in a while, lol. I’m that Christian lady that doesn’t hide behind “It is well” o. I say it as I see it. I’m not always right… When I’m wrong, I try to prove to you that you’re also wrong, lol. Again, I’m getting mellow. Life has made me ‘gentle’, lol.

I guess we can jump into gist, right? Let’s start with the gist I shared that made people open their eyes wide. I “gisted” them about a WhatsApp Admin that got beaten up by group members. It “appiyas” his cup was full. How una see am? Did it worth it to go to jail over WhatsApp matters? Isn’t it better to just leave the group? While we’re at it, let me ask sef… What goes through your mind when you see “AMA left the group” (WhatsApp be doing “tatafo” since 1654… Shiorr). Why do people beg others to stay in groups they are obviously tired of? My people, tell me what you think about this whole WhatsApp matter.

Moving on, I “chook mouth” in matters that don’t concern me on Facebook a few weeks ago. I responded to a post calling out social media ‘activists’ that don’t do much to give practical help to female victims of domestic violence. The summary of the epistle I wrote is that the organizations that are truly committed to the cause should speak out more and put their message out there more so that those of us that were called to ‘Supporters’ Club’ can easily find them, know what they need from us and help. I’ll be happy to recommend a few of the organizations I’ve found to be true with anyone that asks. One nasty comment from an advocate made me delete my comment. I’ve repented from fighting online. Lol

The other matter I “chooked mouth” in that does not concern me is this thing about people accusing those that try to motivate them of being insensitive. In a bid to encourage the unmarried, some married people will tell them marriage is not a big deal. Single people said we should tell the married people telling them that marriage is not a big deal that they should not tell them that. If marriage is not a big deal, why you sef marry? You people should be like me, stop motivating anybody. Let them be motivated from within… I can’t chout….

The one that concerns me that I am still deeply concerned about is this increased (?) rape reports. What are we going to do about it? Me, I want to stop work and start home schooling my daughter o. I had to pray against the spirit of fear. What are we going to do about it?

Finally, this Van-Lare impending divorce, how you see am? Don’t ask me what’s up jo. My friend, search for the matter. I just read about it on Nairaland… Blogosphere is ablaze o…

News filtering in (aka Linda Ikeji’s Blog) say that the wind of divorce is also blowing towards “revered places” too. Hmmmm… We will still need to start addressing divorce thoroughly as believers and not shut down the conversation with “God hates divorce”. I remember one discussion on Facebook that someone accused me of encouraging divorce because I said the Bible ALLOWS divorce in certain instances. But what can we say to these things…

Welcome to my world!

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