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“The way you live your life is up to you.” Asad Meah

According to Abraham Maslow, self-actualization, which is the realization or fulfillment of one’s potentials, is the apex of human needs. Personal self-development is essential to self-actualization. It is of utmost importance to self develop so as to fully maximize one’s talents and potentials and ultimately attain self-actualization.

A dear friend shared the following simple tips to consider for setting up a self-development plan (from an unidentified source) and I want to share with you too. They are as follows:


Tips to consider for your self-development plan

1. Start Now
Do something about your personal development plan today. It’s going to take some time to achieve lasting change so you need to start now. You can build on what you do today.

2. Baby Steps
To make a plan you need to include steps. Break a large goal into it’s smallest components

3. Learn From Other People
You can gain from the success of other people and you can learn from their mistakes.

4. Embrace Change
The world is changing all the time.

5. Be Accountable
You are responsible for your own progress. You are responsible for what you are today and where you are today.
That means it’s your job to initiate the steps involved in your personal development plan.

6. Be Grateful & Recognize Your Worth
Focus on what you already have. Think about how others benefit from what you do.

7. Be Intentional
Whatever you intend becomes your reality.

8. Challenge Yourself
Your goals need to be just out of reach. If you reach for an impossible target, you’re setting yourself up for a failure. If you stick to what’s easy, you’re denying yourself the satisfaction of achievement and only minimal change will occur.

9. Follow Your Passion
It’s no good doing things that you don’t like. Chose actions that appeal to you and are in line with your values.

10. Keep Going & NEVER Give Up
Life works in cycles and moves to a rhythm. You will have up and downs. When you hit a slow point or things don’t seem to be moving, don’t give up, keep going. There is no such thing as continual rapid advancement and that means your personal development plan needs to be achievable and balanced. Find your rhythm and go with the flow. There’s no such thing as finished personal self-development. You can go on learning, changing and renewing for all of your life.

This list is in no way exhaustive; you can find other useful tips and resources on cyberspace to help you on your journey to self-actualization.


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