Go for it!

So, 2017 is ending with a bang…BOOM!💥

I had AMAZING FUN this year. I lived, loved, and laughed more. One of the highlights for me is my low-cropped hair, oh yes, it is!😜

You can’t begin to imagine how much I’m gbadun-ing the blissful experience – it is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I made in 2017. I thought I’d miss my long tresses but nah, I’m not even looking forward to growing long hair again sef, not for now (if for any reason, I wan change look small, na wig to the rescue😝😁). But you see, I’d wanted to crop my hair short long before now, I only just got round to doing it this year. What took me so long? Good kwesion. Bê là á bi ni!

External voices!

“You that yaff small frame, you can’t cut your hair o. It won’t fit you. Low-cut only fits people with big frame.”

“You that look like small pikin before, you now wantu cut your hair. You go now be like secondary school geh.”

“Mâ gé irun e, kò ní fine.”

And co and co…àti bê bê lo.

In short, people discouraged me and well, I let them although deep down, I really wanted to crop my hair low. Whenever the thought came to mind, it felt good but I’d allow the discouraging voices in my head persuade me otherwise, then I’d trash the thought. Na so I do till I said to myself, “No more! Shebi na my head àbí gini?” At that point, I didn’t care about others’ opinions anymore, it’s my hair and I decide what happens to it and if I wanna crop it low, then low it will become! Shebi I’ve always looked like a small geh anyway, even with plenty hair on my head, so what difference would cutting my hair make? So I cut the hair and what did I begin to hear?

“Oh, this low-cut fits you!”

(I know some people no like as I cut am sha but even me sef know say e fit me wella and about 95% of my pipus think so too but even if no one thinks so, me I know so😁)

Okay, here’s what I’m trying to say: “If there’s something (beneficial) you so want to do, in 2018, go for it!” If it resonates deeply with you, go for it! Don’t let people talk you out of it. Others’ opinions should not define you. You won’t ever know how that thing will turn out if you don’t give it a try. Go for it!

2018 loading…

See you in a bit!😘


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