ÈKÉTA OMO (Episode 1)

The adventures of Solape and her identical twin siblings Ololade and Omolola. She came 14 months after they were born and bears striking resemblance to them so she easily passes off as their triplet and ÈKÉTA OMO.

(Saturday evening. At home. Solape enters Ololade’s room)

Solape: Lolade, can I have the top, please?

Ololade: (looking confused) What top?

Solape: Ahn ahn, the top I asked to borrow na. The wine top.

Ololade: (sudden realisation) Oh my God! I totally forgot. Ha, there’s been a misunderstanding o. I lent it to Molola yesterday. She’s wearing it to the singles’ gala this evening.

Solape: What? But I asked first. I told you my group’s colour code is wine and I don’t have a wine top or anything wine for that matter. What will I wear now, ehn?

Ololade: (sober) Sorry. I totally forgot. I didn’t remember that I already promised you the top when Molola asked for it.

(Solape storms to Omolola’s room)

Solape: Molola! Molola!!

Omolola: What’s it? Why are you shouting my name like that? What do you want?

Solape: Give me the top you collected from Lolade. That’s what I’m wearing to the gala.

Omolola: (mimicking Solape sarcastically) Yen yen yen yen yen. See her mouth like, “give me the top.” L’ati ‘bo s’ ibo? From where to where? I’m sorry, that isn’t possible. It’s Lolade’s top and she handed it to me herself. I didn’t collect it from you na, so why are you in my room yarning dust?

Solape: That’s because she forgot. I asked to borrow it first, since last week.

Omolola: Ehn, she forgot na niyen and now, I have it. Go and wear something else ke abi cloth don finish for your wardrobe ni?

(Ololade enters Omolola’s room)

Ololade: Molola, please na, give her the top. She needs it for her group presentation.

Omolola: Sorry o. I have banked on that top for today and no one is making me give it up.

Solape: I have banked on it too. You’re not the only one who knows how to ‘bank’ on what’s not yours.

Omolola: Asko.

Ololade: Molola, you sure can wear something else na.

Omolola: (pointing to Solape) So can she.

Solape: (stressing her words) I need it for my group presentation. Can’t you understand simple English? I actually do have a genuine need for it but you don’t.

Omolola: You better watch your mouth.

Solape: And if I don’t?

Ololade: Stop it, you two. Okay Molola, if you won’t let her have it, I’m taking back my top and…

Omolola: (cuts in) How is this my fault? Did you tell me she had asked for the top?

Ololade: I said I forgot…

Omolola: And that is my fault, how?

Ololade: I didn’t say that but she really has a genuine reason for…

Omolola: And I don’t? Is that what you’re saying? I’m just acting on a whim? Didn’t I give you my reason yesterday or is my reason not genuine enough, ehn?

Solape: What’s your reason?

Omolola: None of your biz.

Solape: I’m sure it’s not a genuine reason. You’re just behaving like an agbaya (hisses).

Omolola: (moves closer to Solape) Wo, get out of my room now before I descend on you. Genuine reason or not, I’m wearing the top. Deal with it. Now, leave and let me prepare in peace. Time dey go.

(Ololade and Solape step out of Omolola’s room)

Solape: (asks Lolade) Why is Molola bent on wearing that top?

Ololade: Don’t mind her jare. Someone tipped her off that there’s “best dressed” award (male and female category) this year. It’s not common knowledge sha; the panel of judges will simply scout discreetly and make a surprise announcement. Molola has her eyes on the award, hence her obsession. She has a skirt that matches it perfectly.

Solape: (rolls her eyes) Shiooor.

Ololade: What are you gonna do now?

Solape: What can I do? I can’t break the dress code na. I’m not participating in the group presentation niyen.

Ololade: Aww, I’m so sorry darling. I feel bad cos I somewhat caused this.

Solape: Never mind joor. It’s not really your fault. Mummy always tells us to learn self-sufficiency so we don’t become dependent on others. I guess I learnt that lesson the hard way.

Ololade: (gives Solape a side hug) Aww. Pele, s’ogbo. No vex. So what will you wear?

Solape: I don’t know jare.

Ololade: (drags Solape by the hand) Come, let me help you pick something fancy from your wardrobe. Who says you too can’t “dress to win”? (winks)

(At the gala venue)

Team Leader: Solape, what happened? I can’t see ‘wine’.

Solape: I had a last-minute wardrobe hazard and couldn’t help the situation. I’m sorry I won’t take part in the group presentation.

Team Leader: What are you talking about? No o, don’t even think that. You know what? I have a wine brooch in my bag. I can lend it to you. A touch of wine will do just fine. Good thing it matches your dress, which is very lovely by the way.

Solape: Aww, thanks so much, I really appreciate the gesture and compliment.

Team Leader: My pleasure.

(Annual Singles’ Gala ends. Award time)

Emcee: The award for the winner of group presentation goes to…(raises voice)…TEAM WINE!


Ololade: Whohoooooooo

Emcee: And now, we announce the winner of a special award, which is the BEST DRESSED SINGLE OF THIS YEAR’S ANNUAL GALA. For the female category, the winner is…

Omolola: (holds Ololade’s hand) Wish me luck Lolade.

Ololade: Good luck. May the best dressed win.

Emcee: The winner is…wait for it…the winner is…drumroll please…and the winner is…(raises voice)…SOLAPE HARRISON!

Omolola: What? Noooooo

Ololade: (jumps) Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! She did it!


Omolola: (hugs Solape) Congrats, sis.

Solape: Thanks, sis.

Omolola: You see now that all things work together for good? If I had given you that top, you wouldn’t have won the award o and you were almost swearing for me earlier today (tongue out).

Ololade: Hian! See how she’s twisting Bible o. You only had yourself in mind, dear selfish sister (tongue out).


Solape: Well, she’s not completely wrong sha. Na so life be.

Ololade: Abi jare. Such is life.

Solape: And it’s good the award is monetary so we are all sharing it. C’mon, we’ll paint the town red tomorrow.

The trio: Yay!!!


© 2018 AyotundeElegbeleye
Jesus is LORD!

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are fictitious and bear no semblance to any real person bearing any of the names used in the story.

4 thoughts on “ÈKÉTA OMO (Episode 1)

  1. Stories like this makes me wish that i had a sister (s) to fight&borrow clothes from……You are a good storyteller &i enjoyed every bit

  2. An interesting title…
    Though, the end was predictable. But we’ll see how other episodes go.
    May your ink never dry.

    1. Thanks Tomzylee, I apprecite. Amen to your prayer. Well, I think there’d be more predictable ends sha😜😉😁. However, if you have ideas of stories with unpredictable ending for future episodes, I don’t mind though. I’ll write them and give you due credit☺️😊. Blessings.

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