ÈKÉTA OMO (Episode 10)

The adventures of Solape and her identical twin siblings Ololade and Omolola. She came 14 months after they were born and bear striking resemblance to them so she easily passes off as their triplet and ÈKÉTA OMO.
(Omolola enters Ololade’s room and wakes her from sleep)

Omolola: (taps Ololade) Lolade (tap tap).

Ololade: (opens one eye) Yes? What?

Omolola: Wake up jare.

Ololade: What nau? Can’t somebody sleep peacefully again?

Omolola: You better wake up. Something just happened.

Ololade: (opens both eyes) What happened?

Omolola: Are you fully awake? We have to talk.

Ololade: Mo n gbo. Speak on.

Omolola: Get up first.

Ololade: I’m awake joor. Say what you want to say.

Omolola: No o, you have to sit up ni. It’s something serious.

Ololade: Eeeee, abi iru wahala wo re e? Which kain trouble be dis na? This better be worth it cos you can’t interrupt my sleep over nothing o.

Omolola: Sha sit up.

Ololade: (sits up) Oya, talk wetin you wan talk.

Omolola: Ehen, shebi I told you Solape would rat us out but you were forming blind trust.

Ololade: She won’t do that. I know her.

Omolola: Well, sorry to burst your bubble, she did.

Ololade: How so?

Omolola: She just returned from the supermarket with groceries and all.

Ololade: So? Wait, why are you stalking this girl? Let her be na.

Omolola: I’m not stalking her. I hate that insinuation. I simply ran into her when she returned.

Ololade: Always in the right place at the right time. Hmm, what a coincidence!

Omolola: Na you sabi. That’s not the point.

Ololade: What is the point? Can’t she go to the supermarket? Can’t she do anything in peace again?

Omolola: Someone that was seriously complaining about no money earlier today suddenly has more than enough to buy stuff from the supermarket after she’s had a chat with mummy. Don’t you smell a rat?

Ololade: Hmm. You dey try talk say she don collect her allowance, shey?

Omolola: Yes na. E no look like so to you?

Ololade: E fit be o.

Omolola: Ehen! I talk am!! That girl ehn!!!

Ololade: I still doubt it sha. Solape won’t do something like that. Besides, if mum already knows, don’t you think she’d be “calling for our heads” by now?

Omolola: She’s probably bidding her time, waiting for the right moment to pounce on us.

Ololade: Ouch!

Omolola: Shebi I told you to let us outsmart that sly girl. I think we should still do so o. Since she blew our cover, we should blow hers too.

Ololade: Hmm…

Omolola: Wetin? It’s only fair na. We covered for her. Mummy deserves to know what happened to her coral bead.

Ololade: Really! Is this about mummy or Solape? Why not just admit that you want to get back at her?

Omolola: Whatever! (walks to the door) Are you coming or not?

Ololade: I don’t feel right about this. Just let it go.

Omolola: Lailai! Never! She’ll now enjoy alone? No way!

Ololade: What’s the worst that can happen? She already has her allowance.

Omolola: Mummy can ask her to give it back or she can freeze her allowance for next month.

Ololade: Hmm…

(Mummy’s room)

Omolola & Ololade: (in unison) Good evening, mum.

Mum: Good evening, ladies. (stares at the duo curiously) Everything okay?

Omolola & Ololade: (in unison) Yes, mum.

Omolola: We came to see you.

Mum: Okay. Today is a good day to confess, abi?

(Omolola and Ololade shared ‘surprised’ glances)

Mum: Oya nau, e ba mi soro, mo n gbo. Talk to me.

Omolola: Erm, we know we should have told you long before now and we’re sorry for not doing so at the right time.

Mum: It’s never too late.

Ololade: We know what happened to your coral bead.

Mum: I know about it.

Omolola: Mummy, we mean we know how it got missing. Solape borrowed and misplaced it.

Mum: (smiles) I know that too.

(Surprise-mixed-with-shock looks)

Omolola: But how?

Ololade: Who told you, mum?

Mum: The culprit herself.

Ololade: Wow.

Mum: Is that why you are here?


Mum: So, I’m curious…why bring it up now, after serving the punishment for covering it up?

Omolola: Solape came to your room in the morning…

Mum: So?

Omolola: We thought she came to talk about your car…you know, about who bashed your car.

Mum: And?

Ololade: She complained about not having money in the morning but went to the supermarket this evening to get groceries. Molola thought she snitched on us to have her allowance released.

Mum: So, you quickly rushed here to snitch on her too, abi?

Ololade: It’s not like that…

Mum: Keep quiet. (flips hand in their direction) Look at them. E e ri won, agbaya meji. Who started the ‘covering up’ nonsense? You covered for her then so she’d cover for you later, isn’t it?

Omolola and Ololade: (in unison) We’re sorry.

Mum: Pocket your sorry! Your sister didn’t snitch on you; she came to confess her misdeed, hoping to curry favour but that didn’t fly. Her allowance is still withheld because she didn’t tell me who bashed my car but apparently, one of you two did. So, who bashed my car?

(Prolonged silence)

Mum: Okay, then! We’re done here. You can leave my room now.

(On Campus. Late afternoon. Solape, Ololade and Omolola on their respective beds. Solape’s phone beeped)

Solape: (yells happily after viewing notification) Guys, check your phones, I just received a credit alert. Mum don release allowance.

Omolola: (quickly grabs phone) Are you for real? (checks phone) Nothing dey my phone o.

Ololade: (huffs) Of course, nothing go dey your phone! Did you really expect something to drop there?

Omolola: Mind your business!

Ololade: Why should I when you dragged me into your mess?

Solape: What are you guys talking about? I said my allowance just dropped and mummy sent a “don’t-try-this-again” warning message. I’m sure she sent yours too.

Ololade: No, she didn’t. She won’t.

Solape: Why not?

Ololade: Because she’s punishing us.

Solape: She punished all of us na so how come she released my allowance and didn’t release yours? I don’t understand.

Ololade: Eh, o ma wo n ti e. Just leave matter for Mathias. By the way, shebi you said you didn’t have money, so where did you get money for groceries? You really didn’t need to threaten us like that, you know…

Omolola: I wonder!

Solape: Wetin you dey wonder? Shey your money loss ni? If you must know, I took money from my savings abi you think say I dey chop with ten fingers? I usually don’t like tampering with my savings but when money wasn’t forthcoming from anywhere and I needed groceries badly, I had no choice.

Ololade: (turns to Omolola) You see your life? I told you it’s not what you cooked up in your mind but your village people didn’t let you listen and be great.

Omolola: Watch your tone with me!

Ololade: And if I don’t?

Solape: Guys, c’mon! What happened na? I’m confused here.

Ololade: Ask your sister over there. She has the full details.

Solape: Molola?

Omolola: (lies down and faces the wall) Abeg, leave me. My head is aching. I wan sleep.

Solape: Lolade?

Ololade: You’re smart, figure it out! (stands and walks to the door) I need fresh air, please (goes out of the room).

Solape: (confused look)


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