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A lady shared her experience on a Facebook group a while ago, which generated lots of reactions/comments. In fact, I almost got insulted on top the matter sef😂. I came across a re-written version of the FB post (by anonymous) on Whatsapp (where else😜😃). The names in the story are fictitious, though. Here goes:

“A young man doing well in his business met a young woman, a university graduate from a very good home where education is cherished and given a pride of place. Let’s for the purpose of this story call the young man Chidi and the young woman Esosa.

Chidi and Esosa fell madly in love and planned to get married in about two to three years. Chidi’s business is experiencing a big boom and money is flowing in big time. Esosa is still job hunting and her Dad is trying to use his connection with friends in top places to get his daughter a job.

Unfortunately, Esosa suddenly got pregnant. It was not planned or should I say they were stupid. You can’t be having sex without protection and say you did not plan to get pregnant. The result of having unprotected sex is pregnancy. I lie?

Anyway, since they already planned to get married in future, pregnancy happening is not really a problem, it only means they have to fastrack their wedding plans. No more waiting for three years. Esosa’s Dad will hear non of that. You are pregnant? Then, you must marry. The young man has no problem with that at all, he loves his girl so let’s plan the wedding. Only that there is a trouble brewing… Hmmmm

Chidi is not ready to marry at the registry or at a church licensed to perform marriage rights. He’s only ready to have a big traditional marriage. Every entreaties to change his mind met a brick wall. Esosa’s Dad was furious and wanted to call the wedding off. But he was prevailed upon not to. Even Chidi’s parents could not convince him to change his mind. At the end, he had his way and a big traditional marriage was conducted and Esosa moved into her husband brand new bungalow at the Lekki axis of Lagos.

Meanwhile, Esosa’s Dad is still not pleased with the kind of treatment Chidi meted out to his daughter. He felt his daughter is not legally protected in that marriage. Therefore, he vowed to make sure he helps his daughter to be very independent financially. Finally, he was able to help Esosa secure employment with a multinational company that pays good salary with great career prospect.

Before you know it, Esosa was making good money, travelling abroad on assignments for her company and getting fat allowances. With her father’s encouragement, she invested her money in properties and shares. Her Dad see to it that she made all her investment in her name and her children’s names. Meanwhile, Chidi’s business begins to experience a down turn and money is no more forthcoming like before. More and more, they now rely on Esosa’s money to keep the home running. Esosa has no problem with that, after all, Chidi has always been a responsible husband who always gives her enough money when things were going on well for him.

Recently, a reogarnisation took place at Esosa’s working place and she’s to be transferred to their US head office to work for five years. The package includes her family if she wishes. She knew Chidi might not want to go and live in the US because of his business but she has to go with her children. Contrary to what she’s thinking, Chidi is ready to come along to live in the US. According to him, what’s the point of staying back when his business is not even doing well anymore. But, there is a snag. There is no document to show they are legally married. Chidi now asked Esosa that they should go to the registry to get married formally in order to fascilatate their American travel plan.

Esosa’s father would not hear of it. In fact, he told Esosa he would disown her if she ever goes to the registry with Chidi. Esosa is confused now, she does not know what to do.

What would be your advice to Esosa? Take this as a True story ……🤓”


Lemme add my own (what I gleaned from the original story)😜: When Esosa begged Chidi’s family to make him change his mind and consider statutory wedding, they told her they would not meddle because as a grown man Chidi was old enough to make his decisions. Now that the table has turned, they are begging her to consider a statutory wedding, she told them same thing…”as a grown woman, she is old enough to make her decisions.” Esosa, abeg, gimme hi-five✋

The original story also recorded that Chidi has been going round badmouthing Esosa because she’s not having the “let’s go to the registry” talk. Did I also mention that Esosa has stayed bitter at her husband for the past 9 years since he vehemently refused to wed her statutorily? Now, he wants statutory wedding because of abroad tinz. Abeg, who’s the real bad pelzin here? Chidi or Esosa?

Well, my people will say: “Ení bá n’íkà méjì á f’ìkan s’era è.”

Loose translation: “If you have double wickedness, you’ll hurt yourself with one.”

What do you think?

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