ÈKÉTA OMO (Episode 11)

The adventures of Solape and her identical twin siblings Ololade and Omolola. She came 14 months after they were born and bear striking resemblance to them so she easily passes off as their triplet and ÈKÉTA OMO.
(On campus. In the room. Ololade and Omolola talking; Solape napping)

Solape: (shifts on the bed and turns to Ololade and Omolola) Ahn Ahn, you people should tone it down na, someone is trying to sleep here.

Omolola: Earplugs are still for sale in the market o, you can get some for yourself.

Solape: And you think you have made sense now, ba? So I can’t sleep peacefully in my room again?

Omolola: Shebi you’re the only occupant of this room…the rest of us can’t talk in our room again?

Solape: (turns her back) That’s how you always display your lack of sense (hisses).

Omolola: (sits up abruptly) Take that back!

Solape: And if I don’t?

Omolola: Solape, take that back now or this room will be too hot for you.

Solape: (turns to Omolola and sits up) What will you do?

Omolola: Take what you said back, don’t try me…

Ololade: Abegi! E don do, biko. (to Omolola) You too no suppose talk wetin you talk na. We were disturbing her for real. (to Solape) Your mouth too dey run.

Solape: She started it.

Omolola: I don’t care! Take what you said back.

Solape: You’ll have to do your worst cos I’m doing no such thing. You too take your words back.

Omolola: What words? Did I insult you?

Solape: Ask google na. (lies down) Abeg, let me sleep jejely.

Omolola: (jumps out of bed; moves towards Solape) You think I’m joking with you? Take that back now or…

Ololade: Enough! Wetin dey worry una? Molola, don’t stress it joor. You actually started it so both of you should apologise to each other, starting with you.

Omolola: Abeg, abeg, abeg, don’t even go there. Apolo-gini?

Ololade: Apologise. She made a legit request and you were out of line with your response, so apologise to her first and she will reciprocate.

Omolola: You dey put the blame for my head, abi?

Ololade: No o, na for my head you for put am.

Omolola: Of course! You are the real culprit here. You were the one shouting and making noise, not me.

Ololade: Yes o, and I will shout again and again. In fact, I will keep shouting till I get my money back. I need my money o, ehen.

Solape: What money?

Omolola: Aproko! What’s your own? Iyen la ma ri e si. That’s what you’re known for. Weren’t you pretending to sleep just now?

Solape: If I talk now, you’ll start crying.

Omolola: Ori e. Your head.

Solape: Bi i ti e. Just like yours.

Omolola: It’s not your fault na. If not Vivian wey mess me up, you won’t be talking nonsense to me.

Ololade: Na you sabi. All I want is my money.

Omolola: Madam, free me jare. Did I steal your money? You’ll have your money soon. Se mo n s’alo ni? Am I running away?

Ololade: Mi o mo fun e o. I no know for you. “You’ll have your money” is what I’ve heard for a while now. When will I have my money?

Solape: (sits up) What money are you two dragging na? (to Omolola) Ki lo s’ele? What happened?

Omolola: Who’s talking to you?

Solape: Ah, ma binu o. No vex.

Ololade: Drop the childish act jare.

Omolola: (hisses) Ebi e ko, so gbo. It’s not your fault.

Solape: You don’t even know whether I want to lend you some money ni, o kan n gbemu, you’re doing yanga.

Omolola: As if you’re that generous.

Solape: Issokay o. I rest my case.

Omolola: If you want to lend me money, say so and stop beating about the bush.

Solape: I will just dash you money like that when I don’t have the full gist…oya, come and take the money nau (rolls eyes).

Omolola: Aproko!

Ololade: Gossip girl!

Solape: Yelz, daiz me. Now that we have established that I’m the chief Aproko of this room, can I hear the gist?


To be cont’d…

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