Two Husbands and a Bride

The common stories we hear are of some men who marry different women in different places and these women are unaware of one another’s existence, that is, until yawa gas. Well, no be only men dey do am, some women sef be expert in that kain rough play😛.

So, this guy told a story of how his wife married another man while still married to him and even planned to kill him to cover her tracks. Áyé le ò, ìbòsí ò🙆🏽‍♀️. Here goes:

Wawu! Wawu!! Wawu!!!

Bhet err, life shouldn’t be this hard kè, amean, why not just ask for divorce and go marry someone else àbí how did she expect to pull the stunt off successfully? Oh, I forgot, she planned to kill her first husband! Please tell me, is murder more acceptable than divorce? I can’t even begin to imagine the warped mentality, chai!

The guy who married a woman without doing due diligence nko? With what adjective shall we qualify him? How does one marry someone whose family members are unknown to him/her? No friends, no acquaintances, no colleagues, no one to verify from…bhet why???

What do you think of this marra? Share your thoughts.

PS: Seems there’s a missing part between image 1 and image 2 (error of omission from source) but you get the flow sha😉.


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