Dozie continued to stare at her attractive body as he was torn in between two options; to devour her or to hold his head high. He knew that getting intimate with Eno was not the right thing to do but the physiological reaction in his body was telling him otherwise. He reached out and drew her close, he could feel the scent of her perfume, a scent he recognized as Ferrari’s, a designer perfume he had one time bought for his fiancée.

Eno, encouraged by his reaction, raised her head. She was of average height and he was tall, she had to raise her head if she was to kiss him while he was standing. She put her lips to his and kissed him enthusiastically. Countless times, Dozie had heard stories of how grooms to-be sleep with other ladies a night before tying the nuptial knot. He didn’t know that he would ever fall victim but he couldn’t resist what she was doing to his body so he threw caution to the wind and allowed her to freely seduce him. When he couldn’t take the torture of the fire she had ignited in him any further, he lifted her and dumped her on the bed, ready for the main action.

Eno: “Wait, not so fast”.

Dozie: “What! Why should I wait? Isn’t this what you have always wanted?”

Eno: “No, this is what you want rather”.

Dozie: “So, what are you doing here you idiot?”

Eno: “I am here to give you the biggest pleasure of your life.” She swayed provocatively. “You want some? Do as I say”.

Dozie: “Do what? Anything. I will do anything you say. Just allow me in”.

Eno: “Okay, I want you to …”

Dozie: “Shhh … you don’t need to say anything. Consider it done”.

Eno: “But you haven’t heard what the condition is”.

Dozie: “I will do anything you say, trust me”.

After two rounds of sex, Dozie suddenly came back to his senses and began to regret his actions. He looked at Eno curled beside him pretending to be asleep and he noticed that she was not as attractive as he had seen her when he was high with desires. Disgusted with his behaviour, he tapped her violently on her shoulders.
Dozie: “Get up and get out. Hey, I know that you can hear me, stop pretending to be asleep”. He shook her again, this time more violently.

Eno: “What is it? Is it morning?”

Dozie: “You crazy or something? Who would allow you stay here till morning? You forgot that tomorrow is my wedding?”

Eno: “Which wedding?”

Dozie: “My goodness. You are such a psycho. Hello, tomorrow is my wedding and I am getting married to your best friend for that matter. And you are supposed to be her maid of honour even though I am not sure she would want you to do that if she finds out that you seduced me”.

Eno: “There is not going to be any wedding tomorrow”.

Dozie: “I beg your pardon?”

Eno: “That is the condition I was talking about. You agreed to whatever condition I give”.

Dozie: “And who is gonna stop my wedding tomorrow?”

Eno: “I will. In fact, you did. You spoilt your wedding the moment you slept with me”.

Dozie: “Oh, you are one hell of a crazy girl. What we just had was a fling, call it misuse of passion if you like. You wanted it, I was in the mood and I gave it to you. Nothing more”.

Eno: “You dare not, Dozie. You cannot use me and go free, that wedding must not hold, else you will pay”.

Dozie: “I dare not? Okay, I dare you. Go and do your worst and my wedding must hold whether you like it or not”. He began to drag her out of the room.

Eno: “You will pay for this, I swear that you will pay for this”.

Dozie: “Get out and get lost!” he banged the door after her and ran to the bathroom to wash himself”.

Mama Samantha: “You look stunning in your wedding dress, my daughter. I am so proud of you. Can we pray before you step out? We need to invite God to take over the ceremony in a very special way”.

Samantha: “There you go again, mum. Do we need to pray again? Who didn’t pray when he or she woke up this morning? Isn’t that enough?”

Samantha’s mother: “It is not enough o. Prayers are …”

Samantha: “It is okay, mum. We are already running late for Church. We don’t wanna keep the pastors waiting because we were ‘praying’”. She said.

They left for Church in the Range Rover car which Dozie had provided to convey his bride to the Church, Samantha with Eno sitting beside her. It was a selfie session as Eno kept updating various pictures on social media with different captions to the delight of Samantha.

“I have something to tell you”. Eno said when they drew close to the Church.
Samantha: “Oh, can’t it wait until after my wedding?”

Eno: “It is about Dozie”.

Samantha: “My hubby? What is it?”

Eno: “Erm, I … We … I mean”, she stuttered incoherently.

Samantha: “Yes, you?” she asked searching into her eyes.

Eno: “I just feel I need to tell you because we are best of friends and I won’t ever forgive myself if I allow you go to the altar without this knowledge”.

Samantha: “What are you saying? Just go straight to the point and stop beating about the bush”.

Eno: “Okay”, she cleared her throat. “Dozie straffed me last night”.

Samantha: “Dozie what! What the hell are you talking about?”

Eno: “He slept with me. We had sex”.

Samantha: “You had sex with my fiancé a night before my wedding?”

Eno: “I didn’t want to. He invited me over to his room and I went because I thought it had to do with you. Next thing he seduced me and threw me on the bed and … and …”

Samantha: “Oh, my God. My head is falling apart”.

Eno: “I am sorry, Samantha. But he said he intends to stand you up in Church. He said he doesn’t want to marry you anymore and that he won’t show up in Church. If I were you, I would call off this wedding”.

Samantha: “Just shut up … are you sure about this?” The driver took a turn into the Church and they all became silent, each occupied with his own thoughts”.

Dozie was getting dressed with his men on suit when a team of four masked men stormed the hotel and kidnapped him from his room. They had threatened to kill his friends if they raise any alarm and after they blindfolded him, they led him away in their tinted V-wagon. They drove for more than twenty minutes during which Dozie kept pleading for his life. They stopped at what seems to him the middle of Sambisa forest and removed the blindfold from his eyes. They were in an uncompleted building and he was standing before a plump man whom the other’s referred to as capon.

Capon: “Hey, lover boy, raise your head well make I see your face”.

Dozie: “What do you want from me and why have I been brought here?”

Capon: “Hahahaha, I see say una never teach this vegetable enough lesson. Oya, make una teach am lesson wey go make am respect him elders”.

They pounced on him and began to punch him with their fists, shoes and belt. He was manhandled from one person to another and he passed out. The capon commanded that they strip him of his wedding suit and pour him ice-like cold water. He woke up and began to shiver with cold. “Please, tell me whatever it is that you want, I will do it. Anything, just tell me”. He was on his knees for pain could not allow him get up.

Capon: “Here is your phone, call your fiancé and call off the wedding. I will count one to ten for you to make that call, else I will shoot you and have my boys bury you here. 1….2….3”

Did Dozie call off the wedding?

*This story’s author is unknown.

PS: Parts of the original content have been modified to tone down explicit language that might be offensive to sensitive readers.