When he heard her voice, memories of all the good times they had shared
together before Eno seduced him
flashed through his head and there and then, he realized that he had broken one heart that loved him unconditionally.

Samantha: “I said the door is opened o, come inside”. His legs began to quiver.

Dozie’s heart skipped a beat when he
heard her voice from within the house. Even though he had anticipated this moment, he stood transfixed not finding the strength to go in. “Who is there? I said you can come in”, Samantha’s sonorous voice pierced his ear drums.
He took a step forward and two backwards. He was about running back to his car when she suddenly opened the door. Dozie stoppped and turned back and began to walk towards her. “I am here to see you”, he said.

Samantha: “Just hold on there, don’t come any inch closer. You were on your way to your car when I came out to see you so you are not here to see me”, she went back to the room and locked the door behind her. Dozie ran after her, flower in one hand, the other hand knocking on her door.

Dozie: “I am sorry for all that I caused you. Please open the door and listen to me”. She didn’t reply. “Samantha, please for the sake of the love we once shared, open the door for me”.

She opened the door and stood at the entrance, preventing him from going in.

Samantha: “Yes, what is it? I am sure your wife doesn’t know that you are here, so why are you here disturbing my afternoon nap?”
Dozie: “I heard you have been discharged from the hospital, so I thought …”
Samantha: “Oh, your wife sent you here to confirm if I made it alive from the hospital. Well, go back and tell her that I am alive and I am recuperating”.
Dozie: “No! can you just listen to me, please? I know I have offended you big time but I am ready to make amends. See, I got you flowers and other gifts, I still love you. Let’s come back together, please”.
Samantha: “You must be out of your mind, Dozie”.
Dozie: “What?”
Samantha: “Yes, you are out of your mind. You want us to come back as what? After you gave me the embarrassment of my life by standing me up at the altar? You think you can buy back my love with flowers and gifts? Well, I am not that cheap. Oh, you want me to agree so that you can embarrass me a second time?”
Dozie: “It wasn’t my fault. I was forced to do that”.
Samantha: “Okay, you were forced to call off the wedding, accepted. Were you also forced to marry my best friend?”
Dozie: “She arm twisted me”.
Samantha: “You know what? I don’t even know why I am wasting my time talking to you, just leave, your presence alone brings back such ugly memories that I am trying so hard not to remember”.

She pushed him away and slammed the door on his face.


Mama Dozie: “Knock knock, who is in the house o?”
Dozie, who was listening to music with his ear piece did not hear his mother knock until she started banging on the door. He ran up to the door and opened when he heard his mother’s voice.

Mama Dozie: “What is wrong with you? I have been knocking for a long time now, do you have ear problem now?”
Dozie: “I am sorry, mum. I was listening to music with my ear piece”.
Mama Dozie: “I have told you to stop listening to loud music with your ear piece. Do you want to spoil your ear drum?”
Dozie: “Mum, I didn’t say the music was loud”.
Mama Dozie: “If it was not loud, why didn’t you hear me knock?”
Dozie: “Oh, not again, mum. Don’t tell me you came here for another question and answers session”, he walked back to the settee where he was sitting before she came in.
Mama Dozie: “Where is your wife? I actually came to see her. I hope you have started shopping for the baby?”
Dozie: “Which baby?”
Mama Dozie:”Your baby in your wife’s womb, of course”.
Dozie: “Mum, just leave me out of the so called baby thing. Eno is in the room, you can go see her”. He got up, picked his phone and left the room.

When Eno heard Dozie’s mother knocking on her door, she quickly got up and adjusted the make believe pregnancy she had on. Checking out herself in the mirror to ensure that all was intact, she sluggishly opened the door.

Eno: “Welcome, ma. Sorry I was in the bathroom throwing up when you came knocking”, she lied rolling her eyes.
Mama Dozie: “Sorry my dear. Pregnancy is always like that, it comes with different symptoms. So you vomit during the day? I thought it’s just in the morning”.
Eno: “I don’t know again o, I vomit morning afternoon and evening. In fact, I vomit every hour, I am tired. I didn’t know that pregnancy can be this stressful”. She lied again.
Mama Dozie: “That is serious o, I hope you are not carrying twins”.
Eno: “Twins ke, God forbid o. I want to have them one after the other, I don’t want any double package”.

Mama Dozie noticed that the room contained Eno’s box and personal effects. “Ah-ah, why are your things here, I thought this is the guest room? Don’t you stay in the same room with your husband?

Eno: “Its this pregnancy wahala that is making me stay here on my own. Sometimes after vomiting, I just wanna be alone. And then, men can be so insensitive some times. Can you imagine that even in my condition he still wants to touch me at night?”
Mama Dozie: “That is husband and wife issue, I won’t interfere. Anyway, I don’t like the way your stomach is, I was expecting it to be bigger by now and then, which hospital did you register for antenatal?”
Eno: “Erm … I … you mean antenatal?”
Mama Dozie: “Yes, which hospital did you register?”
Eno: “I … ah, erm, yes. One private hospital very close to us here”.
Mama Dozie: “Okay, I will follow you there on your next appointment. Show me your bare stomach, let me see”.

Eno’s heart skipped a beat, knowing that what she had beneath her dress was fake pregnancy. Her heart pounded when she thought of what her mother in-law’s reaction would be when she realized that she was faking the pregnancy.

Mama Dozie: “Go ahead and show me, don’t tell me that you are shy”.

Eno: “Yes, mum. I am shy; I guess I’ll be less shy some other time. Ugrrrh!”. She ran to the bathroom pretending to vomit.
Mama Dozie: “You will get used to it, it happens with first time mothers”.

What next?

*This story’s author is unknown*

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