Eno: You said I should unclad myself, I have. Now you say you wanna shave my hair both up and down? What has that got to do with my being here?”
Spiritualist: “When the gods give you a pair of shoes as a gift, they will take back your legs as payment. If you had asked me about the conditions attached before going ahead to do what you did to your friend, I would have told you”.
Eno: “This is unfair. I didn’t bargain for all these”.
Spiritualist: “Nothing is fair with my master the devil. Are you ready to allow me do what I need to do or would you rather face the wrath of the gods?”

This boxed Eno into a corner and she obliged him for fear of what may befall her if she disobeyed. As an expert in that art, it took the spiritualist only few minutes to completely shave off her hair both up and down. She tied the white wrapper, carried the calabash containing her shaven hair, and matched to the river with the spiritualist leading the way. When they got to the river, she was afraid to step in for it was dark but he dragged her in against her wish. With a local sponge and homemade black soap, he began to bathe her from her head to her toes. While bathing her, the spiritualist took the pleasure of fondling her to his satisfaction. When they returned to the shrine, he had sex with her all night. That night was the worst night of her life. She was disgusted and shed hot tears. She woke up the next morning to discover that he was already awake and dressed up in his regalia. She ignored him, got dressed and picked her handbag to find her way home when his croaked voice stopped her.

Spiritualist: “The gods have accepted your thanksgiving but there is another condition. You must remember that you must never come face to face with your friend again. The day you behold her face physically in this world, that is the day her ailment will be transferred to you”,
Eno: What? That’s difficult and ridiculous. You mean after sleeping with me all night there are still conditions attached? Baba, the condition is hard”. Eno reluctantly left the shrine.
Spiritualist: “Oh, the gods say I should tell you that they enjoyed your sumptuous body last night. Hahahaha”, she heard him say after her.

Mama Samantha, Samantha and their neighbour set out early morning to visit the man whom their neighbour claimed had the solution to all of their problems. They drove for more than an hour and Samantha who couldn’t see wondered if they were travelling out of Abuja.

Samantha: “Mum, are we travelling out of Abuja in search of solution?”
Mama Samantha: “No my dear, we are still in the outskirts of Abuja. Don’t worry, our neighbour here has assured me that you will regain your sight after we meet this man”.

They got to somewhere in a forest and their neighbour instructed their driver to stop.

Mama Samantha: “Why did we stop here?” She asked suspiciously.
Neighbour: “Because we have gotten to the place. The baba’s shrine is in that cave, the car can’t go through. We have to walk there”.
Mama Samantha: “A cave? What sort of a solution center is this right in the middle of a forest?”
Neighbour: “Oh well, the man is a powerful native doctor”.
Mama Samantha: “Native doctor! You want me to go in search of solution from the devil. There is no way that is gonna be possible. My religion is against it”.
Neighbour: “Does it matter if you go to a native doctor or the Devil himself in search of solutions? You should rather preoccupy yourself with how to help your daughter regain her sight”

Mama Samantha: “No, I am not that desperate. I would rather go to the most high God in prayers than patronize any dibia”.
Neighbour: “Let us just go in and see him, this man is very good and his powers precede him everywhere he goes”.
Samantha: “Mum, what is going on here? Where are we?”
Mama Samantha: “We are in the middle of the forest and our neighbour says we are here to see a native doctor”.
Samantha: “If the man has what it will take to make me see again, why not? Do you know what it means to be blind? I will give anything to see again”.
Mama Samantha: “But God can make you see again. Let us go to him in prayers”.
Samantha: “Why did God allow me to go blind in the first place? What did I do to Him to deserve this?”
Mama Samantha: “There is a reason for everything that God permits to happen. Just hold on to Him and all will be well at the end of the day”.

Samantha insisted that they go into the shrine and her mother not wanting to upset her daughter agreed. When they got in, the spiritualist made some incantations and threw his cowries on the floor. “Mbanu!” He said and shook his head. He threw the cowries on the ground the second time and discovered that Samantha was the same girl Eno had afflicted with the mysterious eye ailment. “Aru! This is serious, hmmn”.

Mama Samantha: “What is it? What did you see?”
Spiritualist: “Hmmn …. I …”
Mama Samantha: “You what? Baba, what did you see that made you scream?”
Spiritualist: “Woman, the person who afflicted your daughter with this ailment went to a strong medicine man and she has completed all the process of causing your daughter grief all her life time. In fact, she completed the last process only yesterday. If only you had come yesterday, we would have done something about it”.

Mama Samantha: “So, are you saying there is nothing that we can do about it now?” She asked, eager to leave the shrine for it was making her very uncomfortable.
Spiritualist: “Of course something can be done. There is no one who seeks help from my master that goes back empty handed”.
Mama Samantha: “So, what is the solution?” She asked suspiciously.
Spiritualist: “Your daughter will have to spend 7 days and 7 nights in this shrine after which we shall perform a very expensive sacrifice that will involve the eyes of a woman who was born blind. When the sacrifice is completed, your daughter shall be made whole again. This kind of complicated sacrifice is the only one that can neutralize what has been done on your daughter”.

“What! Human blood?” Samantha and her mother chorused simultaneously.

Spiritualist: “Don’t bother about where you will find a lady blind from birth. All you need do is drop some money and I will give it to the boys as mobilization fee and they will search for the kind of person that we seek and kidnap her. We have done it several times, that won’t be a problem at all”.
Mama Samantha: “God forbid that I use another person’s child for sacrifice all in the name of looking for healing for my daughter. I can never do it”.
Samantha: “Mum, what are we still doing here? I can’t believe that we have to kill another person’s child and cause their family grief before I can get my own healing. What if it backfires? That means I will never regain my sight again and that is too bad because I know that with time God will heal me for my hands are clean”.
Neighbour: “If you ask me, I think you should consider what the baba said. Afterall, what is the stress there? You give him some money and he mobilizes some boys who would help you look for the kind of girl he wants to use for sacrifice, it is as simple as that. Shebi we use money to get what we want? How is this different? Hian”

She clapped her two hands together.

Mama Samantha: “You will not know how this is different until somebody gives some people money to kill your daughter, that is when you will know that money cannot buy life. For God sake, human being not even a cow or any other animal. Tufiakwa!”
Samantha: “Mum, take me out of here now!”

They left the place and drove home in silence.

Eno got home very tired that morning. She was glad when the security man told her that her husband had already gone to work that morning. She ran to the bathroom and had a thorough bath for she felt dirty after spending the night with the spiritualist. After her bath, she grabbed one of her wigs and wore it, she was determined to keep knowledge of her shaven hair from Dozie and she knew that was not going to be a problem as she had enough wigs to last her months.

After Dozie closed from work, he went to Samantha’s house and refused to leave even when she slammed the door in his face. He remained outside till late into the night, refusing to go home until Samantha’s mother intervened.

Mama Samantha: “I think you should forgive him, my dear. The young man has proven that he is truly sorry for all he did to you… 

Will Samantha forgive Dozie?

*This story’s author is unknown*

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