ÈKÉTA OMO (Episode 19)

The adventures of Solape and her identical twin siblings Ololade and Omolola. She came 14 months after they were born and bear striking resemblance to them so she easily passes off as their triplet and ÈKÉTA OMO.
(At home. In the kitchen)

Susan: (with bubbly voice) Good morning, girls. Hope you all slept well.

(Three pairs of eyes bore into her)

Susan: What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?


Susan: Yeah, yeah, I know we returned late last night, I’m sorry about that, we simply lost track of time.


Susan: Seriously, girls, knock if off. It wasn’t that bad. Calm down sisters, don’t be so uptight.

Ololade: (holds up an empty bottle) Yup. Not as bad as this.

Omolola: (holds up the sachet of tramadol) This too.

Susan: Oh, my bad. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know liquor isn’t allowed in here.

Solape: You sure didn’t find any in the fridge or anywhere around the house. (smirks)

Susan: Like I said, I’m sorry. I don’t understand what’s up with the sachet, though. Is that forbidden too? You don’t take medication or something?

(The sisters exchange looks)

Omolola: What medication is this?

Susan: Pain reliever. Austin said it’d help him sleep better.

Solape: That’ll be sedative.

Susan: Whatever. He said he had pains so he took the pain reliever to ease the pain and get better sleep. What’s the big deal in that for Pete’s sake!

Ololade: The big deal is that this isn’t just some pain reliever like paracetamol, it is tramadol.

Solape: Yeah, t-r-a-m-a-d-o-l. You’ve heard of it, haven’t you? You know it is one of the trending drugs of abuse, right?

Susan: What? I had no idea. How do you know it’s tramadol?

Omolola: Google is your friend.

Susan: Oh gosh! I didn’t know. I honestly thought it was just a regular over-the-counter pain reliever.

Solape: Errr, is he awake?

Susan: Yes. Why?

Solape: Just checking that he has not crossed over to the other side na ni. We don’t want a case of drug overdose on our hands now, do we?

Susan: (sighs)

Ololade: One more thing…you didn’t sleep in the room allocated to you. You slept in the guest room.

Susan: (huffs) Come on guys, we are adults here.

Solape: Yes, responsible adults. This isn’t a motel.

Susan: I never said it was.

Solape: But you acted like it was, kinda.

Susan: (sighs)

Omolola: (to Susan) Honestly, this isn’t acceptable. We think you’re just taking advantage of mum’s absence to do whatever you feel like and it’s not cool. That’s not how to make a good impression. If mum were here, you wouldn’t behave this way. It’s got to stop now.

Ololade: And it starts with you telling your boyfriend that there’ll be no more of all that crap if he wants to stay under this roof. There’ll also be no more of you two being cooked up in the room while we stay here as your attendants. We came to keep you company, not to serve you. We are family, this should be bonding time and we should all be out here mingling.

Solape: And cooking too.


Susan: You’re right…all of you, and I am very sorry for how I have behaved so far. I promise to do better.

(Echoes of agreement)

(Late afternoon. The quartet in Ololade’s room, playing Scrabble. Solape stands up to leave)

Omolola: Where are you going again?

Solape: I dey come.

Ololade: We won’t wait for you like the other time o, you can’t be wasting our time anyhow with your to and fro.

Solape: Make una continue without me.

Omolola: You’re out of the game, then.

Solape: Yes, I’m out.

Susan: She’s been distracted almost all through the game. Wonder what’s up with her.

Ololade: She’ll be fine.

(Solape goes to guest room. Knocks door)

Austin: Come in, babe

Solape: (opens door slightly and peeps in) It’s not babe. It’s me. Please can I see you for a second?

Austin: Sure. Come in.

Solape: Err, you actually need to come out cos you’re needed outside.

Austin: Oh. (gets off the bed and goes out to meet Solape) What’s up? Who needs me?

Solape: They need you at the security post to identify some people. You’re expecting some friends, right?

Austin: Well, yeess. A friend of mine is in town and wants to see me and I told him he could meet me here. Maybe he brought some other friends. I hope you’re cool with that.

Solape: It’s okay, it’s okay, no probs but you have to identify them at the security post.

Austin: Can’t I just use the intercom?

Solape: Ha, no o. You have to go and get them at the gate. Susan came to get you, remember?

Austin: But I’m a just a visitor too. Perhaps you can go on my behalf.

Solape: I don’t know your friends nau, I can’t identify strangers. Don’t worry, they’ve seen you come in and go out of the estate, they already know you. Just go there and get your friends, simple.

Austin: Okay.

(Austin goes out of the house and Solape locks the door from inside. She checks that the exit door at the kitchen is properly locked too. She returns to Ololade’s room)

Solape: How far? Who’s winning?

Ololade: Who else? Of course, it’s moi, the queen of Scrabble.

Omolola: Who’s deceiving you? You just got lucky today.

Solape: Yeah, cos I wasn’t fully in the game.

Ololade: Tah! You both know I run Scrabble show any time, any day.

Susan: I agree. Lolade’s actually good. (stands) I’ll check on Austin now.

Omolola: He can come and play Scrabbe with us na or isn’t he bored in there. We’ll move the game to the living room.

Solape: Sounds like a plan.

(Susan returns)

Susan: He isn’t in the room.

Ololade: Maybe he finally decided to step out. He might be in the living room.

Solape: Or outside, getting some cool breeze.

(Doorbell rings…incessantly. The girls go to the living room)

Susan: Austin isn’t here or is that him at the door? (peeps through hole) It’s him. How on earth did he lock himself out? (checks the lock) Where’s the key?

Omolola: That’s strange…the key should be in the key hole. What’s going on here? (looks at Solape) Solape?

Solape: What? Do I look like key holder?

Ololade: He can come in through the kitchen.

(Susan goes to the kitchen and meets same situation)

Susan: (from kitchen) There’s no key here too.

Omolola: Okay! This isn’t funny anymore. Whoever is playing this prank should stop it now!

Ololade: Solape?

Solape: Okay, okay, I have the keys.

Susan: Why are you holding on to the keys? There’s someone out there who needs to get inside.

Solape: Oh, no! He ain’t coming in here, not ever!

Susan: What are you talking about? Did you lock him out?

Solape: Yeah.

Susan: Wow! That’s just ghetto. Why on earth would you do that? What did he do? I understand that you don’t particularly like having him around but it’s not that deep, you don’t have to go so low.

Ololade: (to Solape) Can you please explain this? What has come over you?

Omolola: Yes, what’s wrong with you? Sometimes you just act without thinking. (hisses)

Solape: (to Omolola) I think better than you do. (to Susan) I’m sorry but your boyfriend is a crook.

Ololade: Solape! Mind your language!!

Solape: Abeg, abeg, stop shouting. Shebi you asked me to explain…do you want explanation or not?

Susan: I’m sure interested in what you have to say. I can’t believe this!

Solape: Madam, ‘camdan’. There’s a good explanation for this. (plays a voice note from phone) That was your boyfriend inviting his friends to come and hide out here. Apparently, they are trying to escape from something or someone. He also told them to bring booze plus “more of that stuff” and that there are enough girls to go round. Do you expect me to sit and do nothing while some lunatic stranger plots to rape me in my house, ehn?

Susan: Were you spying on him?

Omolola: What does it matter? Didn’t you just hear what your boyfriend did?

Solape: The first time I left Lolade’s room while the game was on, I was going to get something from my room but as I stepped out, I heard him chatting on phone and I won’t even pretend like I’m posh or anything like that…yes, I eavesdropped because I simply don’t trust the guy. Good enough, I had my phone with me and it came handy. I returned to the game but my mind was busy plotting how to get rid of him. I decided to keep mute and not raise alarm except as the last resort, if I couldn’t come up with any concrete plan.

Ololade: What plot did you hatch?

Solape: I told him he needed to get his friends at the gate and I locked him out.

Omolola: Way to go! The nerve of a guy!

Ololade: This is insane. (to Susan) Did you know about this?

Susan: What? How can you even ask me that type of question. I’m as shocked as you are. I didn’t even know about his friends.

Omolola: Do you even know anything about this guy? You didn’t know about his tramadol use and now you don’t know about his friends. What do you know about him?

Susan: Err, a mutual friend hooked us up. We’ve interacted a few times on virtual space but we just met in real-time.

Ololade, Omolola & Solape: (in unison) What???

Solape: You risked our wellbeing for a guy you didn’t even know? Oh my Lord, I can’t believe this! I knew this was a disaster waiting to happen.

Omolola: Thank God it didn’t get beyond this.

Susan: I’m sorry, guys. I had no idea.

Ololade: (to Susan) You should go outside and talk to your boyfriend. He is no longer welcome here.

Solape: Please carry his kaya with you. I’m going to call the security post now, they will escort him out before his friends find their way here and if they dare show their faces, they’d be handled like criminals. Tell that to your boyfriend too.

(Susan goes out through the kitchen door to meet Austin)

Ololade: And Susan?

Omolola: What about her?

Ololade: After all that’s happened, I have this bad vibe about her jare. She almost put us in trouble fa.

Omolola: It’s not like she knew the type of person she was rolling with na.

Ololade: That’s my point, she is reckless. I no dey, abeg.

Solape: Left to me, she’ll be gone first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll be too glad to get back to my normal life.

Omolola: Don’t you mean back to Sallah meat?

Solape: Yes o, that too.

Ololade: I agree! Me sef need Sallah meat in my life now.



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