Pot of Beans (3)

He sat where Kachi sat earlier. “Are you okay? You seem a little pale.” His smile was warm and kind.

“Yes, Doc,” Sade responded. “I’m fine but that guy’s wahala makes me sick to my stomach.” Well, that was true but no way was she going to tell him that her embarrassment was the real cause of the paleness. Kachi could never make her pale, for what na?

“Sorry about that. Kachi can be a pain, sometimes.”

“He’s just a nuisance. He should stick to all the girls ‘dying’ for him, what’s my own?” Sade rolled her eyes.

He laughed. “You know guys like Kachi love the chase. Those other girls you mentioned are too easy. It’s all about the thrill of the chase for him.”

“He should find another girl to chase. I’m tired of his nonsense. I’ve had it up to here,” Sade gesticulated.

“I can imagine,” he smiled. “You almost broke his head a while ago.”

Blood rushed to her cheeks. Thank God for melanin, she would have turned crimson. “Oh gosh, I am so embarrassed,” she covered her face for a second, “it’s not like I’m a tout or something like but that Kachi guy has a way of making my blood boil.”

He smiled again, “I understand. You should not let him get to you like that, though. That could have gone horribly wrong. Just learn to ignore him. Most times, he’s all bark and no bite.”

“You’re right,” Sade agreed. “You know him so well, are you friends or something?”

“I won’t say I know him so well. One of his friends is a class mate and they usually roll together. Somehow, we interact one way or the other.”

“I see.”

They remained silent for few seconds and when it started to feel awkward, Sade wondered what might be going through his mind. He might have understood her ‘agbero’ behaviour but she still reminded him of ‘shit’. She made a move to stand.

“How is your stomach?”

Sade almost choked on her saliva as she felt her bum glued to the seat. “My stomach?”

“Yes. You seemed to have some bowel irritation yesterday.”

Sudden ‘whooping cough’ seized her respiratory system. Say what? This was confirmation that he heard all the shitty stuff that went down in the male toilet.

“Are you okay? Do you need water?” He showed concern.

She stopped coughing. “Oh, I’m fine now, thank you.”

“Okay. Your stomach is fine too, yes?”

“Yes, yes, all is well.”

“Good to know.” He glanced at the almost-empty plate of rice and beans that was still on their table. “Is beans your best food?”

Sade wanted to faint now. Chisos! Is this one a doctor or interrogator?

“Why do you ask?” She queried.

“Well, I figure it has to be your best food if you had to eat it a day after, you know…”

“Chai, see my life outside,” Sade blurted. At that stage, there was no need to form posh anymore. Her final de-repping had happened. Her village people won. They got her real bad.

“Oh no, I’m not being sarcastic,” he apologised, “I love beans too. In fact, I am in love with beans.”

Sade’s pulse returned to normal. “You love beans?”

“Yes, I do. I thought I might have found a beans lover like me.”

Sade laughed – a belly laugh. ‘Doc’ joined her.

“You’re not repulsed by yesterday’s ‘royal rumble?” Sade asked shyly.

“Trust me, I’ve been there,” he winked. “Although I didn’t get the opportunity of doing it in the ‘ladies’. It must have hooked you bad.”

“You can’t begin to imagine how bad. I was thoroughly embarrassed and traumatized.”

“I know. Your face showed it. I quickly excused myself because I didn’t want to add to your embarrassment but I totally understood what you went through in that little chamber.”


“I have to confess, I’m so relieved.”

“It wasn’t that bad na. Who no dey shit? Besides, the probability of running into me again was so low. You shouldn’t have bothered your pretty head so much over a stranger.”

“Yet, I ran into you just a day after the incidence. That your probability calculation no work o.”


Sade continued, “And you’re not a stranger like that sef. You’re somewhat popular, especially in my hostel.”

“Really?! How na?”

“I’m in same hostel with your cousin. Most of us know you because of your frequent visits to her.”

“Wow! I’ve been on the radar and didn’t know it. But why am I popular? I’m not the only guy who visits your hostel, am I?”

“You’re not, but…” Sade quickly caught herself before she said too much.



“Hmm, you’re hiding information, missus. I feel I need to spend more time with you to extract the hidden info.”

Sade’s ears straightened. “There’s no hidden info anywhere.”

“I’m sure there is and I have to fish it out,” he said humorously. “Can we hang out, sometime later?”


“Will you have dinner with me, tonight or some other time?”

“Is there beans on the menu?”

“You bet.”


“I’m in,” Sade smiled sweetly.

“It’s a deal.” He extended his hand to seal the deal with a handshake, “I’m Tochukwu, by the way. People call me TC.”

She took his hand, “I’m Sade.”

To be cont’d…(full story in a book coming soon)

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