Another Evil (2)

“There is another evil I have seen as I have watched the world go by, a sad situation concerning kings and rulers…”Ecclesiates 10:5 (ERV)

The wise King Solomon observed lots of stuff, evil and good, which he meticulously documented. I, like the wise king, have observed various phenomena, one of which I’d like to express…

“There is another evil I have observed as I have used Whatsapp, a sad situation concerning ‘share or be doomed’ BCs (broadcasts)…” Ayotunde 2019 (MPV)😜

Sometime ago, I got a Whatsapp bc from someone. It was a picture, accompanied by a voice note. The picture displayed an animal (probably a cow or perhaps a goat or something in that neighbourhood sha) with human-like head. Curiosity wouldn’t let me be, so I listened to the voice note, and oh my gosh, I got irritated to the bone!

It was the voice of a man who claimed that someone was asked to preach the gospel and because he refused, God turned him into that creature (haba, ògá sir, e dè bèrù Olôun; unku, fear God na). He also said that a rich man failed to share the picture and voice note (that he made about the so-called ‘God’s handwork’ to warn people against disobedience) and what happened? His riches turned to penury (na God do that one too àbí? Issokay, continuuu). He also talked about another who refused to forward the message and met with calamity and so on and so forth. He then ‘advised’ listeners to forward the message to a specific number of people (can’t remember the number now) to forestall evil and escape calamity. What nonsense! I deleted ASAP (now, I wish I had kept it for this write-up). 

Biko, when will people stop lying against God, declaring that He said what He did not say and claiming He did what He did not do? Is this what religion has done to us or is it unlimited access to data and internet that’s the culprit? These days, anyone will just sit in virtual space and conjure all kinda heresies in the name of the Lord. And why not? They know that as long as God is stamped somewhere in the write-up, people will gobble it up without giving a moment’s thought and share to the ends of the world. Hian!!!

See Another Evil

As the saying goes: “You may not be able to prevent a bird from flying over your head but you can sure prevent it from building a nest there,” so, I accept that we may not have control over the gibberish someone else chooses to write but haba, we can at least prevent such writings from manipulating us kè. Didn’t the Bible say, “test all spirits”? Someone asks you to share a story (that is probably unfounded sef) or some other write-up to 10 (or more) people or face the consequences and you start a “share or be cursed” frenzy. Wharraheck!

I have issues with posts that include ‘terms and conditions’ in form of seeming blessings or curses. Once I see that clause, I lose complete interest. Why? God will bless me whether I share a post or not, I’m sure about that; and when I refuse to share, no curse can rest on me cos who Jah bless, no one can curse. I no dey shake. Anyway, my final submission is this: “All of una wey like to dey manipulate people with fake religious write-ups and using God as cover, stop am, it is evil! And all of una wey be active consumers of such posts, no dey open yourself to cheap manipulations.” Ayaff talk my own sha. Shalom.

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Jesus is LORD!


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