No Blood

Her apprehension increased as her wedding day approached. She was being married off to a wealthy merchant to pay off her father’s debt.

“You are getting married to Alaran,” her father announced flatly. Her world caved in. How could she marry a man old enough to birth her? If she had told her parents about her young, good looking, able-bodied lover, perhaps they would not have agreed to her being fourth wife to an old man with a bad breath and massive pot belly!

That was only wishful thinking, though. Her parents would wring her neck if they discovered that she had been having secret meetings with a man. Her mother had drummed it into her ears that she was not to have sexual dealings with any man until marriage, else she would bring shame upon herself and the entire family. In fact, if she was found to have lost her virginity on her wedding night, her father was bound to disown her. Besides that, heavy corporal punishment would be meted to her.

Since she had been meeting her lover secretly, she had exercised enough restraint to avoid copulation but the anger she felt about marrying someone she did not desire nor consented to marrying made her throw caution to the wind and she gave herself to her lover. Amazingly, she did not see blood. That doubled her apprehension. Two days to her wedding, she decided to confide in her mother.

“Gods of my father, this child has finally disgraced me,” her mother exclaimed. “How many times did I tell you not to go near a man? Now you have ruined us all.”

“Mama, I did not see blood,” she spoke calmly.

Her mother’s face brightened. “If you did not see blood, maybe we can still be saved after all. Blood will come out on your wedding night.”

“Aunty Teacher said it is not everyone that sees blood because people are different. I may not see blood.”

“You this child! You have gone to broadcast to aunty Teacher, haaa, just take a gun and shoot us all.”

“She will not tell anyone, I trust her.”

“Shut your foolish mouth and let me think. Stupid child!”

On her wedding day, her mother calmed her fears and told her to be cheerful to avoid any suspicion. That morning, her mother gave her a substance to put in her husband’s drink when they retire for the night.

“He will fall asleep immediately you people finish doing your thing. I will be around the corner, just alert me when he is sound asleep.”

Alaran rolled off her and hit dreamland almost immediately. She quickly opened the door for her mother who handed her a calabash filled with fresh blood.

“Mama, what is this?”

“What does it look like? I killed a cockrel and drained the blood. Pour it on your bedsheet so that your husband will see blood when he wakes from his slumber.”

“Are you sure it will work?”

“Stop asking me stupid questions and do as I say. I have to go now before someone notices my absence. You can thank me tomorrow, after your husband shows off the proof of your virginity to everyone.”

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