Give me a Husband or I’ll Die

At the time I met my sweetheart, at Tito’s cousin’s birthday bash, she was kinda seeing this bloke who seemed like a great guy. She had decided, after her last break up, to take things a bit slower, and that went well until I met Juwon.

At first, there was nothing serious between me and Juwon. Although there was a strong attraction, we both preferred to explore friendship first. Most times, we’d double date with Tito and her bloke, hang out and enjoy one another’s company. With time, the attraction became stronger than ever and because we’d spent time building solid friendship and deep affection, Juwon didn’t mince words when he said he wanted a ‘forever love’ with me. I wanted same and didn’t hesitate to agree. Thus began our journey towards the altar.

Like anyone might unconsciously react, Tito felt it was time for her and her bloke to rev up, especially since things looked promising between them. She must have sent a dozen subtle cues but no way, bloke no shake body. He seemed to enjoy not being committed to a serious relationship with her. In all honesty, I couldn’t fathom the problem with guys who came around Tito. Why give someone the impression that there’s something worth clinging to, when deep down, you know there isn’t? Why string someone along if you’re afraid of commitment or not ready for “I wanna take you to mama” kinda relationship? Why play games with someone’s heart?

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