No Blood (2)

Alaran celebrated her virginity elaborately. Palm wine flowed freely. Food was in abundance. Her father and mother beamed from ear to ear.

How could they be happy about selling off their daughter that way? She almost hated them for doing that to her. She had thought that if her mother knew about her virginity status, she would find a way to prevent the wedding from happening in order to avoid the shame and embarrassment of her husband not having the proof of virginity to show off. Instead, her mother had come up with a devious plan – one that was bound to seal her fate as Alaran’s wife.

She looked around and saw her lover’s silhouette. Her heart skipped involuntarily but not with excitement. He of all people would easily know that her proof of virginity was fake. After all, he did not draw blood from her the first, second, or third time so where did blood suddenly come from? Besides, she had told him what Aunty Teacher said when he had doubts about him being her one and only because there was no blood so he would definitely know that she scammed her way through this one. “He must really think so low of me right now,” she lamented inwardly. Well, what was she to do? It was either that or public disgrace and he would not be made to share in the embarrassment and shame.

When the celebration was over, she followed her husband home, prepared to endure married life for as long as they both shall live. Surprisingly, Alaran treated her like a queen and showered her with expensive gifts. “You make me feel alive, like a reborn,” he constantly told her. She had her own private suite so she hardly crossed paths with her “senior wives” and Alaran spent most of his time with her. She was his “special one”. She lacked nothing. However, Alaran’s bedroom moves were extremely weak. When he barely lasted a minute on their wedding night, she thought she overdosed him with the substance she got from her mother but subsequent times proved her wrong. She told her mother.

“You cannot have it all,” her mother counselled. “You said it yourself that he treats you better than you ever imagined. Where else would you get a private suite and all the elegant things he adorns you with? You think all those small boys will give you that? My child, if you count your blessings and name them one by one, it will surprise you what Alaran has done.”

“But mama, he barely starts before he finishes. I am not even sure we did anything serious that wedding night.”

“Leave that matter, you this child!” She clapped her hands in mock disdain. “Hmm, the person who has head does not have cap and vice versa. Look at your father…what does he have to show for his bedmatics other than fathering children he cannot maximally care for? What do I have to show for marrying a sharp shooter? You think sex is better than material wealth and luxury? You better think again.”

She admitted to herself that her mother was right. Alaran had given her a life she could not dare dream of. He loved and cared for her, even showed her respect. Since he married her, he had gone out of his way to look good and presentable just for her. Few days ago, he took her to King’s market to show her the stall he purchased for her to sell goods of her choice. “I want you to have your own money in addition to what I give you,” he said. In all fairness, Alaran was the best thing that happened to her so far. She made a resolve to focus on the love, affection and luxury as compensation for shoddy performance in the other room.

One sunny afternoon, she received a visitor at her stall in King’s market. It was her ex-lover. She had not set eyes on him since she got married.

To be cont’d…

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